Where to Rent a Piano Dolly?

If you are planning on relocating your upright piano, looking for a piano dolly rental option is a cheap means and easy way to go about it. However, the difficulty lies in actually first finding a decent dolly which is capable of moving your heavy piano and then finding a supplier that will 'let you rent it' at a reasonable price. 

Here, we will point out to you the best places to go to hire a sturdy enough piano dolly so you can move your piano in an easy fashion and won't cost you a bomb either -- anymore than 15 bucks is a bit too steep in my opinion.

#1 Online Rental Sites

With just a quick search via online search engines you should come across a range of dolly options that are specialized for pianos. For instance taylor-rental will let you out two dolly's that are capable of holding up to a 1000 lb capacity piano and they will ship them right to your front door step for you to use (and then after use, you have to send them back). The rates vary given the amount of time you want to use them for -- in this case it is $20 for 24 hours. Be sure to hunt around to get the best deal.

Piano Dolly HireCredit: amazon.com/spinet#2 Local Equipment Stores

Another place to head to is a local business that deals in house movers, they will have a whole range of equipment and a range of different types of dolly (likely to be including a piano one too) that they use to help move furniture from one place to the next. Ring them up or shoot them email seeing if they will let you borrow it for a day or two for a fee and see what they say when they get back to you.

#3 Near By Music Shop

It makes sense that a local music shop will have a whole bunch of piano dollies that they use to move to shift around their stock (i.e pianos) around the shop, to and from deliveries etc. Give them a quick ring and see if they are willing to let you borrow one for a while and will offer a quicker 10 dollar note as well for their troubles (give them a time you will pick it up and return it and they should more often than not be happy to oblige). They might even do it for free if they are the shop you bought your piano from originally.

#4 Yellowpages.com

A great site that lists all relevant businesses. Simply type in the search term that you want a "Piano Dolly Rental" then give your location (give them your city, state, zip code) and then yellow pages does all the hard work for you. They will give you a list of companies and their contact details that will deal in letting you rent out the dolly that you need especially if it is a particularly big such as a grand piano, you need an extra tough strong dolly (whereas with a baby grand piano, pretty much most dollies will be able to deal with that).

#5 Buy a Piano Dolly

Sometimes you just live an area where there just aren't any places available and in which case you have to buy one. This being said, I think you will be surprised at firstly how good and how cheap they are. For instance, this buffalo tools dolly is under 20 bucks and can hold a capacity of 1000 lbs and many people use it specifically for moving their baby piano back and forth. Buying one could actually work out cheaper than renting one. If you have a particularly large piano, you could just get two.

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