Picasa Google Download: Your 'Go-To' Tool for Photos on InfoBarrel

Picasa Google Download helps you to make your InfoBarrel photos the best they can be. A few of the options, offered with this program, are cropping, straightening, removing red eye, adjusting lighting, shading, and color, retouching, adding text, adding a watermark, etc., and much, much more.

Over the last few months, we have learned, with the help of many talented writers, and the administration here on InfoBarrel, how important pictures are to the overall value of our articles. And we have learned how crucial it is to protect these valuable assets, our article photographs, from being posted onto another website, without our authorization.

While looking for a program to edit and protect my photos, I came across a free photo program, which, upon careful investigation, I learned had the capability to address the above issues. Picasa Google Download is the answer for your InfoBarrel photo needs. And a big, immediate plus for Picasa Google Download, besides the fact that it is free to load and use, is that it carries a reputable name behind it. As InfoBarrel, and freelance, writers, we are all familiar with this amazing, powerful search engine, and within that familiarity, comes trust.

With Picasa Google Download, you only need one, photo software.

Before I discovered Picasa Google Download, I had Canon software installed on my computer, which went with my Canon camera. Honestly, I don’t have any complaints with what this Canon software does. More to the point, I have complaints with what it doesn’t do. What it does, it does well, but its capabilities are limited.

Therefore, if I needed to edit a photo a certain way, and the feature I needed wasn’t available in Canon, then there began my search for some free, Internet downloadable program, which could perform the particular task. Constantly searching, and researching, for random programs to do different photo editing jobs was a pain, a major time loss, and a drain on my computer’s resources. Anyway, with Picasa Google Download, I can set it as my default photo program, it will load the photos from my Canon camera, and when necessary, I can do photo editing on them.

One of the most important photo editing tasks Picasa Google Download does is to allow me to resize my pictures, so when I load them into InfoBarrel, they are not so huge.

And that leads me to the point I addressed at the beginning of this article. Picasa Google Download gives you the opportunity to insert a watermark, your name, or your online name, and it places this watermark at the bottom right corner of your photo. These pictures, from three of my InfoBarrel articles, show how I used my user name as my watermark.

Front of Agecroft Hall(58883)Credit: jeni10

Black Coral Jewelry(58884)Credit: jeni10

Carnival Cruise Pride(58886)Credit: jeni10

This watermark is no guarantee that your article, and picture, will not be copied, but like burning lights around your house at night, to ward off a would be robbery, I hope this watermark will impede a would be picture thief, and deter him or her from stealing articles or photos.

I am sure that Picasa Google Download has so many more capabilities than what I have written here. But since I have just found it, I am still discovering all it has to offer, and I wanted to share this ‘find’ with my InfoBarrel friends. With Picasa Google Download, as the adage goes, ‘I’ve only scratched the surface.’ I’m eager to learn more, and as I process more and more photos with Picasa Google Download, I will be learning as I go. I will update this article as I learn more. In the meantime, if you already use Picasa Google Download, and you know some cool tips, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.