Everyone wants to meet more women in their lives but not everyone knows how to do it.  Sure there is internet dating but not everyone feels comfortable with meeting people this way.  There are the night clubs but not everyone has the stomach for that kind of event.  That leaves meeting girls during the day.  This article describes one of the ways to do that, meeting girls in a Starbucks or alternative coffee shop venue. 

Why Starbucks is a Good Place to Meet Girls
Starbucks is a good place to meet girls because you can be productive while doing it.  Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks writing this article, hoping that a cute girl sits down beside me.  However, even if no cute girl sits down beside me I am still being productive so I am not losing anything.  This is in stark contrast to going to a club where your time is fully committed to that endeavour.

Also a lot of girls have a stigma about meeting guys in a club or online.  However meeting the man of your dreams in a coffee shop is something that is accepted in society and that girls will be happy to tell their friends about.  They don’t feel embarrassed or promiscuous about guys they meet in Starbucks, they are proud of it.

Picking the Right Coffee Shop
There are two key factors towards picking up the right coffee shop to frequent in order to best pick up girls.  The first is relatively obvious.  How many cute girls frequent that coffee shop?  To figure this out, go at around five or six and eyeball the place.  Three or more is pretty good.  One or less is bad.  You can also speak with a barista and say something like “bet there are a lot of cute girls who come here” with a wink.  You can then gauge his reaction and move from there. 

The second most important thing is the layout of the chairs and tables.  The further apart the tables and chairs are the more difficult it is to pick up girls.  If the tables are set up with a long bench, that is ideal because if someone sits beside you it’s like you were meant to be talking. 

In my area there is an Aroma that has a high quantity of cute girls but widely spaced tables and a Second Cup with long benches but not very many cute girls.  It’s usually a game time decision which place I go to. 

Speaking to Girls
At this point you just have to bide your time and wait for a girl to sit down in your general area.  Then, wait a few minutes and get up.  Ask the girl if she would mind watching your computer while you’re in the bathroom and gauge her reaction.

When you get back ask her if she had to fight off any criminals to protect your belongings.  Hopefully she’ll laugh at this.  Then ask her what she’s working on and you’re in!