Winning the lottery is the dream of almost everyone. Everyone wants to hold that winning ticket with the right numbers on it. They pray that one day they will be on the news with a giant check that is made out to them and numbers in the millions. Many people leave all of this up to chance, but there are some who choose instead to make a strategy to picking the right numbers to win the lottery. So, what kind of system do you need to pick the winning Powerball numbers?

Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries in the entire world. Played in 31 states, it requires you to pick six numbers from a total of 55 numbers. If you match the numbers that are drawn completely, then you win big money and your dream of being a lottery winner has been fulfilled. In the Powerball, the first five digits are drawn from the white balls numbered 1 to 55. The sixth digit comes from a different set of red balls that are numbered 1 to 42. Naturally, to win you need all six digits, but you can win smaller prizes by having a five white balls, four white balls and a red ball, four white balls, three white balls and a red ball, three white balls, two white balls and a red ball, one white and the red ball and one red ball.

Here are some tricks to help you pick the winning Powerball numbers:

1. Most people, roughly 70 percent, use the Quick Pick option when they play the Powerball so that the numbers are chosen randomly. This is not a good method because it only relies on luck and not on a system.
2. Try using the wheeling system to pick out numbers.
3. Look at getting some software that can look at past winning numbers and calculate the odds of what numbers will be chosen later on. This uses good mathematics to help you choose the potential winning numbers.
4. Draw your own numbers at home and then play those numbers in the real Powerball lottery.
5. Try positive thinking. Visualize yourself winning and you may just be amazed when you do.

You should always try and have some sort of system in place when you are playing the Powerball lottery. Leaving it up to luck is not going to help you win. If you play birthday's ages or your favorite jersey numbers, that is fine. You just need to find a right combination and a right system that will work for you. Not every system will work for everyone, so it is important you find the one that is best for you.