When it comes to crib bedding items, there are several things you need to be very careful about. First of all, the fabric. Bedding items for babies should be made of natural fibers only, such as cotton or wool. Then, you need to make sure that the fabric is soft and nice to the touch. It’s very important to get good quality bedding sets: you’ll be washing them a lot, so they need to be durable. An Eddie Bauer crib bedding set offers you great quality at affordable prices. A set contains everything you need: crib sheet, bumper, dust ruffle and quilt.


Eddie Bauer Crib Bedding – Little Builder

When it comes to baby bedding, you should buy ones with attractive prints and colors. This might not be as important for newborns, but, as your baby grows, he or she will be more and more interested by the bedding items. So, if you pick sets with interesting patterns, sleeping time will transform from a stressful moment to a pleasant one. An Eddie Bauer crib bedding with little builder prints is a great choice for your little boy. Made of 100 percent cotton, it’s comfortable for the baby and it looks really nice. Featuring warm colors, it’s very easy to maintain: all you have to do is washing it in your washing machine, at gentle cycle, and ironing it a little. The bedding set also has extra padding around the corners, so it’s very safe for your baby.


Eddie Bauer Crib Bedding – Enchanted Hollow

Suitable for both boys and girls, this sweet, beautiful set, made of good quality fabrics, contains a fitted sheet, comforter, bumper and dust ruffle. This Eddie Bauer crib bedding features earth and forest colors and nice prints of animals and trees. Your baby will love his or her enchanted hollow and will ne delighted to go to sleep surrounded by a lot of new friends. Putting a baby or a toddler to sleep in his or her own bedroom is difficult. A bedding set that your baby enjoys will prove to be a great help, from this point of view.


Eddie Bauer Crib Bedding - Teddy Bear

Everyone’s favorite, the teddy bear is the star of one of the Eddie Bauer crib bedding sets. Your baby will have a small, sweet friend waiting for him or her in the crib. Experienced parents know that putting a baby or toddler to sleep is sometimes a very hard job and you need all the help you can get. The right bedding set will make all the difference in the world. If the bedding set is soft, comfortable and looks great, it will be easy for you to convince you baby or toddler to spend time inside the crib and go to sleep without protesting. The bedding set includes the quilt, the fitted sheet, bumper and dust ruffle. All the items are designed to fit the standard crib size. Another great option for your baby is the Eddie Bauer crib bedding stars and moon set. Featuring vivid, bright colors, this bedding set will make your baby’s room a happier place. The set contains a dust ruffle, a fitted sheet, a blanket, a bumper, a mobile toy and two valances that fit a wide video. So, as you can see, it’s much more then a simple bedding set – it’s a great accessory that decorates your baby’s room and provides a friendly environment.


Eddie Bauer Crib Bedding Reviews

When it comes to quality and durability, nothing beats the crib bedding sets from Eddie Bauer. All you have to do is reading some of the Eddie Bauer crib bedding reviews written by the parents that already bought such sets. When you buy a bedding set for your baby, you want the best. Providing a comfortable sleep environment is very important. The bedding sets needs to be made of good quality fabric, one that keeps the baby warm, without making him or her too hot or sweaty. A baby or a toddler who doesn’t sleep enough will be fussy and agitated all the time. And the quality of the sleep has a lot to do with the quality of the bedding set. Make sure you buy just the right items for your little one.