Decorated tree for the Holiday's

Selecting the best Christmas tree does not need to be a laborious task but it is one that you want to make sure you get right. Your Xmas tree is something you will have to look at every day from the time you pick it out to when the time comes to dispose of your Christmas tree.

Before Choosing the best Christmas Tree:

To begin, before you ever make it to a Christmas tree farm or stand to choose your Christmas tree you need to establish your Christmas tree clearance. Basically you need to know just how tall and wide a tree you will need.

To find out what you have to do to Establish your Christmas tree clearance you can read the following article on Figuring out your Christmas tree clearance (this will open in a separate window for your convenience):

Take a trip to your preferred tree farm or stand and locate trees that meet your height requirements and style preferences. You will often have a broad selection of holiday trees some of those include: Noble, Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine and many more, availability of some is dependent upon your location.

To pick the best Christmas tree you need to check the following:

When firmly brushed do the trees branches drop a large amount of needles? If it does then it is too dry and you will want to continue to look. Your desired tree will be one that only sheds a small amount of needles when shook or brushed against. Remember you are the one that has to clean these off the floor so the least amount of shedding the better - it also shows that the tree is not dehydrated which will limit how long it stays healthy looking.

Inspect the trees trunk and bark. If it appears to have bare spots, soft spots or any sign of insect infestation or disease keep on looking.

Smell your tree. A healthy one that will be the best Christmas tree selection for you is one that has a healthy fragrant scent. Avoid any that smell of dirty, mold, mildew or other fungus aromas as this can mean the tree is diseased.

Check your needles and branches to help pick the perfect Christmas tree. If when bent (individually) the needles or branches break easily or appear brittle this is another sign that the tree is dried out and will leave you with a mess long before you want it too.

What you want to see when you pick the best Christmas tree:

Luscious full branches - no Charlie Brown Christmas Tree impersonators

Straight trunk – to ensure it is stable once inserted into the tree stand.

Flexible healthy branches which will reduce the chances of breakage and therefore bare spots.

Needles that don't easily fall off

Fragrant aroma - something that smells a bit like Christmas

Universal green color with no brown or yellowish spots on the needles or greenery

Trunk and bark predominantly blemish/hole free

No Insects

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