Maybe you're a school student who needs to write an essay about anything. Your teacher just left it up to you to choose the topic, which is frustrating because you hate having to come up with a topic. Why couldn't she just tell you what to write about!?

Or maybe you're a writer on infobarrel. You've looked around and you found out that you just need to write lots and lots of articles to be successful here. You have a few ideas, but you just can't seem to figure out where to start. It seems that the decision process is taking up more of your time than the actual writing would.

No worries, I have a very simple, two-step process to take care of that, and it only takes 90 seconds!

1-Brainstorm a list of ten topics


Time Taken: 60 seconds
Pro-tip: Think about topics that you consider yourself knowledgable about, even if you just know a little more about it than the average person.

That's right. This should not take more than sixty seconds. List no more than ten items. It can, however, be less than ten if you've already chosen a topic to write about before you finish the list. In that case, you're good to go. Why are you still here? Go write about your topic now. 


2- Circle three items from the list that you find the most appealing


Time Taken: 30 seconds
Pro-tip: Choose topics that you find both interesting and know a lot about.

Well, the title and the pro-tip already explained everything, so... not much to read here.


That's it! It's literally that easy. Once you've completed the two-step process, you're ready to write. But once you're done writing, the list is still there for your next writing project. You still have nine topics left that you, yourself chose to write about. So the next time you need to choose a topic to write about, you don't even need to do this, just look at that list!