Getting back to nature is a great experience – until nature calls! Answer that call proudly and in style with a portable camping toilet. The many varieties of portable toilets that are perfectly suited for camping not only offer convenience, but are also extremely affordable. Most casual campers are far too spoiled to "dig a hole" and the use of a camping toilet means a small luxury out in the wild. For some, camping would be downright unbearable without one.

The military has used camp toilets for years and it was from many ex-soldiers that the idea spread to the public. The hunting community was quick to adopt the travel toilet and it is no surprise that some top camping equipment manufacturers make toilets to use in the woods. There are a variety of interpretations on the basic design, but the end result is the same. Some of the most popular models include:

Rothco's Portable Camping Toilet - Camping Commode

This travel john from Rothco may look flimsy, but it is surprisingly sturdy. The seat unfolds open like a small camp chair. It works in conjunction with disposable sanitary bags. At less than $20, the Rothco portable camping toilet is a real steal.

Reliance's Luggable Loo Portable Toilet

The Luggable Loo is in essence a hinged seat and lid that converts any standard 5-gallon bucket into a serviceable toilet. The Luggable Loo can be purchased without the bucket, which makes shipping a lot cheaper. It, too, can be used in conjunction with portable camp toilet replacement bags as well. Priced well under $20 for just the lid and more than $20 if you need the bucket as well. Definitely strong and sturdy and provides a more natural feel due to the taller height and natural home-style seat.

Portable Camping Toilet (28768)Century 6210 5-Gallon Portable Toilet

On the higher end of pricing is the flushable toilet from Century. This portable camping toilet is great for boats, RVs, or the campsite. It has a full size seat and flushes in much the same manner as a home toilet. The waste is flushed into a separate holding tank that can later be removed for emptying. It is definitely a step up from other thrones! The cost is generally around $100 for these flushable portable toilets, but the rave reviews seem to justify the cost. There are already portable hand crank washing machines for camping so it should come as not surprise that a flushable toilet should be available.

These are just three of the many portable camping toilets available on the market. Most are very affordable and the choice may come down to how much it will be used and how far it has to be transported by hand. In addition to a camping toilet, many seasoned campers also opt for a popup privacy tent that can be used to hide the toilet. It is also a good idea to purchase some camping toilet paper. This paper is biodegradable and breaks down much faster than the toilet paper used in a normal household. A camping toilet will make any camp experience more enjoyable--especially for women. The convenience, availability and low cost mean there are no more excuses! Buy a camping toilet before your next great outdoor adventure.