Desks are an essential part of our work life, so it is important to one that suits your job needs. Although choosing a desk may seem simple, there are numerous factors to consider. Is it large enough for your workspace? Will it stand the rigors of constant use? Does the style match the surrounding area? These are just a few questions you should ask when purchasing a table desk for work.

Specialized Purposes

Computer work – Selecting a desk specifically made for computer use is fairly simple because there are plenty of choices available. However, desktop PC users should find a desk with a compartment for holding the computer box along with area for placing wires and cables. You will also need adequate space for your monitor. If your computer monitor is very large, you will need a desk with a lot of space.

Paperwork – For this type of desk, choose a model that has the largest surface possible. The bigger the surface is, the more work you will be able to hold at once. Large desks can accommodate books, paperwork, and spreadsheets all at the same time. For extra space, consider purchasing a desk with cabinets or shelving.

Combined computer and paperwork – An "L" shaped table desk is the best shape for this type of use. It provides space to hold a computer and do paperwork at the same time. A "U" shaped desk provides even more space, but it may feel too crowded for some people.

Home workstation – This desk should be average-sized and have a nice appearance. It probably does not need the additional cupboard and shelf space of a work desk, but it should still be large enough to comfortably work on. People who do most of their work at home will need a larger desk complete with all the trimmings to keep the work from appearing messy in the house.

Bedroom desk – Most bedrooms are tight on space because they already have to fit in a bed, cupboards and other furniture pieces. For this reason, choose a compact desk that can easily fit into cramped spaces. Keep in mind that you will also need space for a chair.