Dog Costumes are always a hit at Halloween. When the season is upon us, even our dogs want to dress up! Man's best friend may not have a vocal interest in going door to door trick or treating, but some of the dogs love getting in the mood and putting on their dog costumes.

The trick to finding a perfect dog costumes is getting an outfit that is light weight, cute and well appropriate for your dog's personality. Once you have a dog costume then all you need to do is start enjoying Halloween.

Things You Will Need


Decision on a Dog Costume

Step 1

An easy costume to make or even buy at the store is the dog costume of a vampire. A simple cape tied loosely to the dog collar and your dog can be sucking (fake) blood. This is a low impact costume and perfect for dogs who feel stiffled in outfits.

Step 2

Another perfect dog costume is an angel. These costumes sell for less than ten dollars and include wings and a halo. Catering to every size dog, this is another easy yet perfect dog costume as we all think our dogs are angels everyday.

Step 3

If your dog is one who appreciates the darker side of life, consider getting him or her a pair of red horns for a devil costume. This can be fun for you and for your dog, especially if they are cute and the horns seem out of place. This would be a very low cost dog costume

Step 4

The rich dog costume also known as the dog baller is another great pick! Finding a dog shirt that has a funny slogan and putting a couple of chains around the next you have the perfect rich dog. Make him even more into the scene by a pair of dark shades.

Step 5

The 'un' dog costume. While we all know dressing up the dog is great fun, some dogs don't like dog costumes. Instead of letting it go altogether, make a dog shirt that reflects this. Last year the perfect 'un' dog costume I saw was a slogan on a dog shirt that said 'I don't wear costumes on Halloween. Please see owner for details.' Dog costumes obviously are more for the dog owner than the dog, however spending time with man's best friend can be a delightful way to celebrate Halloween. And if you feel totally together, you can always have a matching or pairing costume so you can go in duo.

Tips & Warnings