You have decided to do some writing. You want to start at home business and make some extra money. You sit in front of the computer screen and blink. "I need to pick a niche to write about" you say to yourself, but what?

You look at the internet and check out the big subjects of life, such as weight loss, money and home business are huge and you know your article will be on the millionth page. So what do you pick?

Here are a few tips to get your brain working on a few ideas.


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Ask Your Friends What They Search For

If you have a few friends, ask them what they "Google" or search for on the internet on a daily basis. You may be surprised to find it is not those big titles, but something they need or want information for. It could be everything from how to fix a toilet to recipes.

I polled a few of my friends and was surprised by the answers I got:

Chicken recipes

Wings recipes

How to trim a door

How to install a patio door

Resume writing

That was just five people and not one of them was looking up weight loss or finances. They were looking for immediate answers to a problem they had or something they wanted now, such as the recipes.

So write down any searches your friends have been doing and see if you could spin that into an article.

Keep a Note Book for Niche Ideas

Write down what your friends just came up with. Ask your co-workers too. It could just inspire your imagination to do some research or a particular subject that your friends may have been looking up.

During your day, as you carry on with life, you should be aware of any ideas that come to mind, it may just come up suddenly and if you don't write it down, it will be forgotten when later in the day you decide to start writing an article, only to be looking at a blank screen again listening to the crickets!

For example: You may see someone having trouble with static cling, do you know some ways to deal with it? Were you having trouble with your skin, but found a great natural remedy that works? It can be any little thing. This could become a great niche.

By keeping a notebook of niche ideas, then later when you have the time to do some research you will have your notes with you.

If something comes up and you don't have anything to write on, text yourself the keyword, or email yourself.. You will soon learn, that with our day to day activities it can be hard to remember a really cool niche idea from that morning.

Write About What You Are Good At

What do you do for a living? Is there some part of that that you could turn into articles? Find a smaller niche that is related to your career, that might not be quite as popular to search for, but never the less, is searched? You don't need millions of people to be searching for your niche idea, just a few thousand or even hundred and your article will stand out and be clicked on.

Writing to make money on the internet is going to take some work besides the typing. So, by going through your day, and keeping in mind that you need a niche, then half the battle will be fought by the time you sit down to write.

This way you are not staring at that blank screen and listening to the crickets!