Summer dresses for women allow you to skip the basic shorts and T-shirt. It's going to be appropriate for a lot of different occasions but also the weather too. It's a way that you can look chic no matter what temperature it is outside.

If you want cute summer dresses then you can really go with retro inspired pieces. This can just be your basic sundress. It may have ribbon straps on it or a floral print. It's probably going to be one of your least expensive options and it's also one of the more feminine styles that you can choose to go with. This will also feature easy to care for and inexpensive cotton fabrics. However, since this is such a traditional style you can find ways to put your own personal spin on it such as curling your hair or wearing a vintage straw hat.

Long summer dresses might not seem like it's going to be the most comfortable. However, if you're going out for an evening or just a slightly more formal event then this is a great option. You can still have a retro inspired print on it. These styles of maxi dresses have really become a huge trend. You want to keep your accessories to a minimum and make sure that you have flawless hair and makeup. Go with trendy shoes as well just because this is definitely a design style that is going to be noticed especially in warmer weather.

When you go with white summer dresses, you really have a ton of options as far as the style of it goes. Pair it with an oversized leather belt for a look that a lot of country singers usually wear. You can also really just create this design style with a plain white top and a peasant style of skirt.

Summer dresses for weddings can be a little bit tricky at times. It really needs to be appropriate for the event. You probably don't want to wear a lot of formal satin or silk designs because this can be quite warm, especially if it's going to be an outside wedding. Depending on the formality of the event you can try a sheath dress. You can dress it up with a lot of chunky jewelry or even oversized pearl pieces. It's something that can even be part of your everyday work wardrobe if you pair it with a jacket. We are even seeing a lot of jackets with short sleeves so that it will work for the summertime.

The colors can be a little bit tricky for summer weddings because of course white is a staple for summer but you can't really wear that. Black is also something that we see a lot of in any kind of dress, but it's also not appropriate for weddings. Instead stick with a lot of pastel tones such as lavender or even yellow. You can also go with a slightly more formal look that may have a sleeve on it. It can be in a floor length but you can also really find it in a shorter dress and it can have a lot of flowing chiffon fabric to it.

There are several different themes that you can really incorporate into this design style because it is so inexpensive. In this case, you could go for a sailor or retro inspired print. This can be quite sweet with a stripe and a fuller skirt and it definitely won't be the basic sundress that everyone else is wearing.