Who doesn't want to win the lottery? Right, everyone and their grandma wants to win, but the odds are low, yet they do whatever rituals, perhaps even pray to God that their ticket is the next big winner. If they won they would never have to work again, a dream come true. And how cool would it be if there were a system out there to increase your odds of winning, or better yet, outright give you the winning numbers?

A little About Powerball

Before getting into strategies, here is a little information about Powerful. It's a popular lottery game played in 31 states. And to play the game you choose five numbers from 59 white balls with the numbers 1-59 written on them. Then you choose your Powerball number from 39 red balls with the numbers 1-39 written on them. So you choose a total of six numbers. Then two machines spit out balls randomly. One spits out five white balls and the other one red ball.

Here are six tips to keep in mind when playing Powerball

1. 76 percent of people rely completely on luck and use the Quick Pick option that chooses their numbers for them. Don't rely on this kind of luck. What are the odds that this random number generator is going to produce the same numbers that the Powerball machines spit out?

2. Try the wheeling system. Some lottery users claim it works well, so it can't hurt giving it a shot. The two types are the full wheel and the abbreviated wheel. Do a Google search on wheeling systems.

3. Although a Powerball software package might be pricey, consider buying one because it calculates and analyzes your odds of winning and removes human error.

4. Some people actually create or find a Powerball machine and use it to produce their numbers for them. I don't recommend this method. You might as well use the Quick Pick option.

5. Some players use something called the laws of attraction to win at Powerball. Laws of attraction is when you visualize what you want. You believe you will get it. You must absolutely convince yourself that you have the winning numbers and look forward to how you're going to spend all that cash. Basically, the belief is that if you believe in something enough you attract it, and the universe makes sure you receive it.

6. Finally, the best tip is to find a tried and true Powerball system. The best systems are those that use statistics. But you can always waggle a joojoo stick and see if that helps.

To win the Powerball Jackpot, you had to have picked the matching white balls and the one red ball. If the white balls that came up were 4, 12, 22, 44, 54 (white), and 7 (red), then you would have to have chosen those numbers for the white balls, and the 7 for the Powerball. But there are lower prizes as well. For instance, if all you match is the red ball, you win $3. If you match one number plus the Powerball, you win $4. If you match two numbers plus the Powerball, you win $7. If you match three balls and no Powerball, you win $7, and it goes on like that.