Christmas wedding flowers can be unexpected or traditional. It's just a matter of finding a design that incorporates the holidays as well as all of the things that you hold near and dear to you. There are a lot of different design directions that you can go in to really make a statement so that your centerpieces stand out from what everyone else has at home on their table.

Poinsettias are one of the traditional plants for this time of year. They are quite inexpensive but they just might not seem "wedding like" to you. Have fun by exploring all the different types of colors. Of course these come in red, white and pink. However you can also find them in blue and purple. They might even be covered with glitter to really make things sparkle. Even if you don't want these as centerpieces they could line the room to add color, texture and interest.

Bring in red. Not only is this one of the traditional colors for Christmas, it's also often associated with love and romance. You could go for a romantic Christmas theme by using tall candelabras with small vases of flowers around them or just scatter red rose petals across the table. When you use a dramatic color you really get a lot of bang for your buck. This way smaller centerpieces will still get noticed because of the daring color palette. If you want an elegant feeling then try decorating with gold. Frame out your table number or name with an ornate gold frame that can coordinate with other gilded elements that you may have going on in your space.

Think outside the basic box. There are a lot of ways to incorporate a Christmas theme using basic flowers. Some lilies have pink and white stripes which could resemble a feminine candy cane. You don't have to be literal all the time. If you are working with a winter wonderland theme then you can bring in white roses or lilies. These are also traditional for weddings so you can get your favorite items from all different times of the year. They can feel more spring or summer like. Then find ways to incorporate the Christmas theme. This could be on your place card, or scatter pink Christmas ornaments across your table or put pink foil Christmas trees around the room. Remember that it is still your big day and you should really enjoy all of the decorations. This will also make your day unique both from the springtime wedding but also all the other Christmas weddings out there.

Go in a different design direction. You might feel like you have to stick with a basic red and gold or green color palette for a Christmas wedding. This simply isn't the case. You could bring in almost any color as long as you still make some sort of a nod to tradition. You could just use your dream centerpieces in pink or purple even if it's not traditional.

Floral arrangements can take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. This doesn't have to be the case since most guests will really just appreciate a lot of the food and you'll probably want to find your dream wedding dress. You could skip the flowers altogether or at least use a lot of different filler. In this case you could decorate with twigs and berries which are inexpensive. The red of the berries makes a big impact while the twigs add a lot of height for a glamorous look.