As a parent, there is going to come a time in your life when you will need to pick out some childcare options. As difficult as it may be to leave your children in the hands of another person, it is something that eventually you will have to do.  This is where parents tend to start stressing out because they want to find that “perfect” babysitter, the one who is extremely qualified, personable, and well-rounded. This is a lot of qualities for one person to have, which is why finding the right childcare for your situation can be a bit difficult.

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Choosing Babysitter Candidates

When choosing a babysitter you want to begin by finding qualified candidates that you can set up interviews with. You can do this by taking out an ad in your local paper, posting signs, looking at the ads for childcare in your local paper, or by browsing the internet for childcare providers. Once you have found some potential candidates it is very important that you set up an interview to get to know them better. A candidate may sound great on paper or on the phone but it is important that you meet them face to face to ensure you are hiring the “perfect” person for your family situation.

It is important that you know what you are looking for in a babysitter before you conduct an interview; as the questions you will be asking will cater to the exact needs and wants of what you are looking for. Are you looking for someone who will employ tutoring? Do you want an individual who is big into game-playing? Do you want someone who will do some light housework? It is very important that you know what you are looking for before you start interviewing candidates.

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The Kid-Babysitter Interaction

Once you have interviewed candidates you will get a feel of who will work out and who won’t. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone right away, then this should be a big red flag that you shouldn’t hire them. If possible, introduce the candidate to your kids and see how the interaction goes. Kids have a good sense about these things, so listen to what they have to say. It is very important that your kids and babysitter get along well as they will be spending a lot of time together. That personal connection is indeed a powerful element of a positing child-sitter relationship, and while this must of course be developed over time, parents can typically get a good indication of the potential of a given sitter based on a first session or meeting. Through encouraging both young and older children to get to know their new babysitter and spending some time with both parties, parents may be able to establish the viability of a positive relationship, and can also gauge the child's comfort level with the sitter in consideration.


Babysitters need to have experience with children.

Be Thorough

 Before you hire an individual make sure you check out all their references and perform a background check. While you may really take to an individual, it is very important that you make sure they are qualified to be taking care of you children. References will let you know about past work history and the candidate’s character, which will help either confirm or discourage you from wanting to hire the individual. A background check will help ease your stress when it comes to leaving your child in someone else’s hands. When it comes to picking out that “perfect” babysitter, it is important that you are thorough in your research of the individual, after all they are going to be watching over your most important asset: your kids.