There are a plethora of choices these days for a cell phone shopper.  Here are some guidelines
for picking a phone. Here are some things to consider when you make your next purchase.

There are five types of users. Pick who you are and follow the recommendations.

The Infrequent Talker

This type of caller wants a cell phone for emergencies and to make short reminders to
family - "Bob, pick up the kids from school."  You prefer making calls from your cordless
phone in the comfort of your home. 

Recommendation: Get what is called a "Push Button" phone. These phones have buttons you
can feel and a small address book for your contacts.  These phones are also easy on the
wallet because they are inexpensive and require the least expensive calling plans.  You
may not even need to sign a contract.  I've seen no-contract phones in the stores for as
little as $19.99.  With no contract, you can purchase airtime in increments of 500 and 1000

The Social Communicator

This person stays in constant contact with friends and family. He/she loves sites like
facebook and love to send emails to people throughout the day.

Recommendation: Try a phone that can perform text messaging and has built in programs
that allow you to keep up with your social media sites.  These phones are feature rich
and usually have a lower monthly cost than smartphones.

The Mover and Shaker

This user is always on the go traveling or in meetings.  This person is rarely in one place
for more than a couple of hours.

Recommendation:  A phone with GPS and EMAIL that can sync with your home and work accounts would work best for you.  If you drive a lot, choose a phone that does voice dialing as well.

The Geek

This person loves technology and likes to have the newest gadgets.

Recommendation: The choice is simple.  Pick the latest top of the line phone using a good
cell phone review site. This is the most expensive option. In addition to airtime, there is
a hefty monthly payment for data usage as well. And remember that you new phone will be obsolete in a couple of months.

The Business Person

This caller is no-nonsense when it comes to keeping up with the job.  She needs to keep in contact with her work. She checks emails every few minutes and has a calender full of appointments. Her boss or customers call her several times a day. 

Recommendation:  This person needs a keyboard to type emails.  A large screen to view appointments and documents are critical to being able to work on the go.  Get a conservative smartphone that will handle your business needs.