It can be difficult to pick a flattering men's suit for bigger sizes. For bigger sizes, you generally have to shop at big and tall suit retailers, which can limit your selection. This guideline will go over how to pick a jacket and trousers and what colors to stick to for bigger sizes. If you are looking to purchase a men's suit, check out Jos. A. Bank and Casual Male XL. You can get a great deal on the men's suits that are sold by those merchants by using promo codes.

1. Picking a Jacket

Picking a jacket is the most difficult decision for bigger size men. If you are tall, then you want to go with a longer jacket size because it will divert attention away from your height. Tall men will want to shy away from pin stripe suits because they will make you look taller than you really are. For men that have a larger waist size, the length does not matter as much as the style does. The style that you select is totally up to you, but pin stripes often look great on men with a larger waist. Whether you are tall or have a larger waist size, you should consider purchasing a waistcoat that you can wear with your jacket. The waistcoat will give make you look slimmer, which is great for any man.

2. Picking Trousers

When you are putting a suit together, you want to pick a pair of trousers that goes well with the jacket that you have selected. For big and tall men, boot cut and straight trousers are always the best bet. Big and tall men alike should stick to trousers that have a generous cut, as well. Regardless of your height or weight, you want to select a pair of trousers that go down to your ankle in length. Big and tall men need to pay attention to material, as well. If you already own a suit, try it on to see if your trousers crease and sag around your knees. If they do, then go with a different fabric when you are purchasing your new suit.

3. Color

While the color of a suit is important for any man, it is especially important for big and tall men. Big and tall men should always avoid lightly colored suits. Lightly colored suits will make you stick out from the crowd, which will cause people to take notice of your height and / or weight. Darkly colored suits are the best choice for big and tall men because they blend in with the crowd and tend to look very attractive on big and tall men; big and tall men should stick to black or navy colored suits. Remember, you want the color of the shoes that you are wearing to match the color of your pants, as well.