Clothes hampers are a key part of any well functioning household especially as most modern houses are rarely built with laundry chutes due to safety concerns. They are necessities to keep clothes off of the floor to hold them before they are washed. As an added bonus, storing dirty laundry in clothes hampers can keep the clothes from getting lost under the bed or behind dressers. In recent years, they have gone from being the basic utilitarian wicker baskets to elegant furnishings that hide their true nature as well as having other functions. The primary factor in deciding a clothes hamper has to do with where it is located. For example, clothes hampers located in bathrooms must be highly water resistant or ones located in a garage should be stain resistant. No matter where the clothes hampers are located, they should all be well ventilated to prevent cloths from fermenting in the wearer's sweat. Ideal clothes hampers are also very durable and easily washed. In addition, they should fit into their surroundings and add taste to the decor.

Furniture versus free standing clothes hampers

clothes hampersMany clothes hampers are built right into the room or are free standing furniture. In these cases they have other functions like storing linens or towels. Deciding between buying free standing laundry storage hampers and a traditional hamper is one of the major choices when shopping for hampers. The furniture hampers do a very good job with keeping the laundry out of site of visitors. Often, the furniture may not even look like clothes hampers. They are built with canvas or nylon liners that actually holds the clothes and are removed along with the clothes to act as a laundry bag. Many times, they can be washed as part of the laundry to keep them fresh. Sometimes these enclosed clothes hampers may pick up the odor from the laundry and requires the addition of baking soda to the bottom of these hampers to eliminate the odor. The major drawback of these hampers is that they tend to be much more expensive and take up more space than than traditional clothes hampers.

Extra bins for sorting

Another major decisions is to determine if there is a need for multiple bins so the clothes hampers can act as a laundry sorter. Laundry sorters work by allowing the user to sort the clothes as they put them into the clothes hampers. This can make the sorting of the clothes just before washing a thing of the past. However, the a laundry sorter requires discipline. Nothing ruins your day more than staining a bunch of white towels with a pair of red pants. So if your family is just not into the extra effort or if you plan to use the hamper to teach your kids to do the wash a laundry sort may not be a good idea. A good laundry sorter requires at least three or more bins, though two bins can be used just to separate colored versus white laundry. In the end, picking a laundry sort is a matter of taste and if there is space available.