Picking the Perfect Tattoo
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Tips for the tattoo virgin

     Picking out your first tattoo can be the most exciting and important decision you make. The tattoo is going to be with you for a long time so make sure you pick the perfect tattoo for you. If you just go ahead and pick the first place you find to get a tattoo, you may end up paying twice the price to have it fixed or removed if you end up with a bad tattoo. Laser tattoo removal is much more painful than actually getting the tattoo in the first place. You need to plan ahead and avoid common mistakes. Even how to minimize the pain. So here are some tips on picking the perfect tattoo.

 Tips for choosing:

  • Plan ahead: It is very important for you to plan ahead when getting your first tattoo. They can become very addicting and you want to plan ahead for places to put future tattoos. Don’t go and get a super tiny tattoo in the middle of your bicep because later on you might want a different bigger tattoo there. You may not think that you will get more than one tattoo but it becomes addicting very fast when you start getting those compliments.

  • Find your passion: Pick out a tattoo that represents something your passionate about. Styles and fads change when it comes to tattoos so you want something you are very passionate about that will give the tattoo meaning to you well beyond just its aesthetic qualities.

  • Talk to the artist: This is how you can find out if he or she is genuinely interested in doing your tattoo. You want them to love what they are doing when they are creating new artwork on your body, not someone who is totally bored with doing yet another love heart.

  • Find the skill level: Find out the artists skill level, how long they have been doing tattoos and what types of tattoos do they really enjoy creating. You don’t want an amateur for your first tattoo.

  • Search your heart: A lot of people tend to congregate around styles that are popular at the moment. Your likes and dislikes are going to change over time so go with something that is “you” and not just popular at the time. Use emotion to base your decisions on, rather than fashion.

Common first mistakes:

  • Shopping based on price: This is a very common mistake and when you think about it not very wise. Do you really want to skimp out on a tattoo that is going to remain with you for a very long time?

  • Not Shopping around: Do not just pick the first tattoo place you walk into to get your tattoo. With anything, shopping around can help you make a better decision. You will have a better idea of what is out there and who can do what types and styles of tattoos. You will be exposed to more artwork and have a better chance at finding something that resonates with you.

How to minimize pain:

  • Are they licenced and clean: Does your artists have a tattoo license? You don’t want this to be amateur hour. Make sure you tattoo artist uses disposable needles and gloves, getting an infection is going to be way more painful and possibly disfiguring.

  • Schedule an appointment in the morning: This is when your pain tolerance is highest thanks to peak levels of adrenalin, a hormone that helps us endure pain.

  • Wear loose clothing: Definitely if they are going to be covering your new tattoo. Tight clothing can cause discomfort and chafe. Loose clothing well avoid the discomfort and allow the tattoo to breath which aids in healing.

  • Eat something: You don’t want to pass out while getting the tattoo from a combination of nerves and hunger.

  • Pain reliever: Take a non-aspirin pain reliever like ibuprofen about 1/2 hour before your appointment. Don't take alcohol or aspirin in the 24 hours before your appointment as it will thin your blood and increase bleeding.

  • Avoid the bones: Choose an area for you tattoo that has more flesh and less bone and nerve endings like your calves, biceps and thighs. Avoid highly bony areas and nerve centers like the rip cage, abdomen and the top of the foot.

  • Know what to expect: When getting a tattoo it can feel like a cat scratching or sun burnt skin. Breath deeply, focus on your breath and try not to move.

  • Topical anesthetic: If the pain is too much, the tattoo artist can apply a topical anesthetic to your skin. However, try to avoid this if you can, as the side effects of such treatments are loss of color in the finished product and a longer healing time.

  • Follow instructions: Follow that tattoo artists instructions about aftercare to the letter.

      Your new tattoo should be healed up in about three weeks, during which time you want to avoid swimming or expose it to the sun. After that you can show it off to the world. So good luck, take your time and get the perfect tattoo for you.

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