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There is almost nothing cuter than a baby girl in a tutu dress.  As she grows, tutus are great for helping a toddler develop her imagination.  Preschoolers are often excited to wear their tutu to their first dance classes.  Choosing a tutu, however, can be difficult. A lot of options make it hard to decide which one is right for the princess.  Knowing what qualities to look for will make buying the perfect tutu child's play.

Tutus have many different uses.  An adorable little girls dress or bodysuit with an attached tutu is designed to make the little girl look and feel like a ballerina princess every day.  Other tutus are designed for dress up play or dance lessons.  Consider what the tutu is likely to be used for when picking one out.

Tutu dress dresses for little girls make cute flower girl gowns.  When preparing for an event, they also make good dresses for communion or Easter dresses.  Girl’s white dresses with tutus can make a great baptism gown.  Ballet slippers or sandals will make cute girl dress shoes or flower girl shoes with a tutu dress.

Choosing a tutu for playing dress up is a different task all together.  Tutus are sold with fairy wings and other accessories specifically for paying dress up.  Petty coat dresses and skirts add a fun new look to the costume box.  Toddler sized tutus are sold in both stiff and soft styles, and in a variety of colors and styles.

When time comes for dance lessons, the princess will need a different style of tutu.  Dance dresses with tutus attached are great for the youngest dancers.  For older dancers, tutus with petty coats slide over their leotards for an interchangeable look.  Single layer tutus, made by Danskin, are perfect for the prima ballerina in training.

Tutus also look great for little girls who work the pageant circle.  The talent portion of the show is the perfect place for an up and coming beauty queen to sashay out in a little tutu dress and awe the crowd. A little girl tap dancing while wearing a cute black and pink flowered tutu will make the judges swoon. Other talents, like ballet, baton twirling and rhythm gymnastics also lend themselves well to tutus.

There are a few general things that must be considered when buying a tutu.  First, make sure the sizing is correct.  A tutu should fit snugly without being too tight.  Also, make sure it isn't too long.  Having a tutu that is too long can lead to accidents and injury.

Other things to consider include durability, cost and the reputability of the company.  To determine the durability of a tutu, look for online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends.  Checking the company out at the same time is a good idea.  Chances are, if a company is reputable, they will produce products that are of appropriate quality for the price.  To decide if the cost is appropriate, look at similar items and your own budget.

Buying a tutu can be tough but by following these tips, it can definitely get easier.  Considering what you are looking for and how much you can spend along with the reputability of the company and the durability of the product.  Doing these things will make buying a tutu easy as one, two, three.