Acne is a skin condition that is caused by too much oil and sebum building up in pores. This blocks the pores and facilitates the growth of a strand of bacteria that causes the nasty whiteheads and blackheads on your skin. If you're having problems with acne, you're not alone. Close to eighty percent of the population between the ages of twelve and twenty have problems with acne at one time or another. The best way to combat the causes and effects of acne is to have a twice daily routine where you clean the oil and dirt off of your face and apply acne medication. One of the most important step in this is to use a dermatologist recommended acne wash.

Acne Face Wash Basics

The main purpose of your acne wash should be to remove all the excess oil and dirt from your face. The oils and dirt on your face are what clogs your pores and facilitates the grows of the p. acne bacteria that causes acne. None of the other fancy bells and whistles products may advertise will matter if it doesn't actually clean the oils from your face. To achieve this, you should look for an acne facial wash that has no oil in it.

Next, some quick acne tips for washing your face. For best results, wash your face twice a day, using your bare hands. If you use a towel or washcloth to wash your face, you risk irritating your skin with the course cloth. Also make sure to pat your face dry. Rubbing with a towel can once again cause your face to become irritated.

Choosing the Best Acne Wash

Everyone has different skin and so all of our cases of acne are a little bit different. What works like a charm for one person to clear up acne may not work at all for another person. So, when choosing face wash for acne, while other people recommendations are a valuable source of information, they are not the only thing that you should pay attention to. First, as previously mentioned, make sure to find a soap that will actually wash all the oils off of your face. Next, look for an acne cream that contains some bacteria fighting properties. This will help prevent future breakouts and also help to stop and shorten current ones. Exfoliating washes as well as scrubs tend to work extremely well. This is because they remove the dead skin cells from your face as well as the dirt and oils. Dead skin cells can also flake off and clog up your pores causing acne. Finally, your acne scrub should be gentle on your skin. While you do want your skin to be clean, there is no need for it to look like you took a Brillo pad to it.

It is really difficult to find out how to cure acne by itself. This is compounded by the fact that there are so many different acne washes out on the market. Figuring things out can be downright overwhelming. Try to find a wash that will clean your skin of all its excess oils and dirt and use it as part of a daily routine. If your acne is bad or causes you embarrassment, you should consider visiting a dermatologist, who can prescribe antibiotics that aren't available over the counter for use on your face. When applied after using a facial or body wash, they will dramatically help clear up your acne.