For any business these days, the Internet is a vital tool to be used in pushing forward with your goals and hopefully growing your business. However to make any sort of waves on the web you really need to have a good site with a well thought out domain name. When it comes to picking a domain name you have a few methods at your disposal. The main things to look at when picking a domain name are the kind of market you are targeting, what you hope to achieve as a business and also what the name of your company is.

So how do you choose an effective domain name? The following are a list of things you need to think about when deciding.

- Relevant to your company name

This is the most standard approach to choosing a domain name; it helps you establish your business as a brand. This doesn't mean it is always the right way to go though. The logic behind this is twofold:

Your company name may not represent your company appropriately. Imagine for a second you named Sarah are starting a food catering service in Seattle. You could purchase the domain name '", if you do this then any competition that has the domain name "" will be stealing most of the potential customers. The reason for this is the second domain name actually describes the business and where it is located. Simply by reading the domain name people can tell that the company is a catering firm in Seattle, they don't learn this from ''.

- You need a domain name that contains keywords that are relevant to you:

Your domain name should incorporate ideal keywords that apply to your company and site. You need to know who it is you are trying to target. Nobody will head to Google and already know the name of your company, and therefore type it in exactly, at this point nobody knows you. What they will do is enter keywords that apply to what they are searching for, and select the first result that pops up. Having good keywords in your domain name (as well as your site as a whole), will ensure the best chance of people finding you.

- You need a completely individual domain name:

Having a unique name is crucial. If you want to stand above the crowd you need to have a business name that is completely individual. Think back to before eBay came about, you had never heard that word before had you but now it is common knowledge, the same goes for YouTube. YouTube and eBay have nearly no competition whatsoever when it comes to search engine results, that's because their names are completely unique.

You need to put some solid thought into the name you eventually choose. If you put enough effort in and come up with a good domain name, it can really make a massive difference in how well your business proceeds. If you fail to pick a good domain name you may as well not have a website to begin with.