Accentuate your curves with a great fitting pair of pants. Online retailers like Roamans and Lane Bryant carry styles that are more flattering for fuller figures. Available sizes typically include 12 and up, as well as wide fit for more room in the hips. Most retailers also stock petite cuts, with a shorter inseam so they fit correctly without hemming to give you a longer, leaner silhouette.

Look for these other important cues to find a pair of plus-size pants just right for you:

Apple or Pear?

There are two basic body shapes to consider. One is the apple-shaped body, which is similarly sized in the chest and hips with a larger waistline. The other is the pear-shaped body. This shape is biggest in the hips and upper thighs, with a chest and waist about the same size. The main thing to remember when shopping for plus-size pants is that no two bodies are alike, but if you look for clothes that play up your positive attributes and downplay the negative ones, you can look great at any size.

Making the Cut

Pants with wider legs work well for any body type, because they visually balance your top and bottom measurements. Good examples are boot cut and straight leg pants. Styles with a slightly flared leg can work well, too, although you should try to avoid really wide flares. Another style to avoid is tapered legs, which make you appear to be larger on top than you actually are.

The Right Fit

If you have a short torso, one way to create a longer look is to buy a pair of pants that hang just below your actual waist line. Plus, pants that are fitted in the waist and hips offer the best fit, while drawstrings and elastic waistbands can give you some breathing room.

Fabrics that "flow" across the body also create the appearance of a leaner frame. Good fabrics to try include cotton, polyester and linen, and if they're blended with spandex, the pants should offer an even more forgiving stretch. Yet another tip for looking leaner is to buy pants with a hem that covers most of the heel. Be sure to check the fit by sitting down, too. It should stay at heel level.

The Power of Color

Darker colors, like black, brown and navy blue, make your hips and thighs appear smaller. On the other hand, lighter colors and bleached patches can make your legs appear larger, in addition to creating unsightly bulges. Patterns and pleats are not the plus-size girl's friends, either, so avoid wild stripes, patterns and checks. However, small pinstripes or a racing stripe along the side seam can make your legs appear longer and slimmer.

Tailored for You

Some people just have trouble finding clothes that fit. Maybe your pants fit perfectly in the hips, for example, but the waist is too loose or tight. The solution is to buy a pair of pants that fit your biggest curves and have a tailor adjust the waist or hips.