Guide to choosing the correct pen

When it comes to your business, branding is so important. If you are going to put your name on a product - even if its not a product that you produce it is important that the product reflects the same image that you promote throughout your business. When it comes to promotional products this can often be overlooked, especially when it comes to pens which are handed out so quickly and freely.

When buying promotional pens in large quantities you are no doubt going to want to pay as little as possible so that you can give more away. Promotional pens shouldn't be expensive and there are many to choose from. 

The first type of pen I want to address is the cheapest of the plastic pens. These are the pens that you will use in seminars etc where they are a 1 time use. They tend to be moulded very thinly and you can probably even snap them in your hand. These pens are great for a large event where you need to give away a heap of pens but they wont be used long term. The second is the higher quality plastic pen. These are made of thicker plastic and are great for giving out to customers that you run into everyday. These pens should last for years and if printed well will keep your name in your customers hand for a long time. The third type of pens is the more expensive metal pens. Although you are going to pay more for these you will be surprised how cheap they are when buying in bulk. these pens are great as gifts for valued clients. Your customers will appreciate them and will hang onto them for extended periods of time.

No matter what type of pen you need the key to getting the correct pen is to get your supplier to post you out a sample of each of the pens  you are looking at. Get a feel for writing with them and choose a pen that you like to write with. If your customer likes to write with the pen they are more likely to hang onto it. Take the pens apart, check the size of the refill and when you screw it back together check that it feels just as solid as it did before.

I hope this helps you choose the correct pen for your business.