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Picmonkey is the free online photo editing response to the recent Instagram craze. Picmonkey is a great free online photo editor. It’s really easy to use and gives you good results especially for how little time you need to edit photos with the site. Picmonkey is surprisingly powerful photo editor, and it seems like every time I use it I find something new to play with.

Adding a photo to edit is easy, just drag and drop a photo on the homepage, and you’ll be ready to go in seconds. The software is obviously designed to piggyback on the recent success of Instagram. That isn’t to say though that Picmonkey isn’t it’s all about creating stylized images with Picmonkey, because it’s not, it’s great for practical photo editing too.

Edit with PicmonkeyYou can easily crop, rotate, adjust exposure, tweak colors, sharpen, and resize your images with Picmonkey. Everything you need to get your images ready for the world to see is a couple of clicks away.

Picmonkey is also packed with tons of effects to give your images just the right look. There are of course the Instagram like effects that make your images look like they're forty years old with a polaroid camera. There are some other really useful ones too such as focal softening to bring attention right where you want it, and focal color so that you focal point really pops.

Some of Picmonkey’s other features include the ability to add text to your images. I think this is an especially good feature with the recent rise of image based bookmarking on site like Pinterest. You can quickly edit and add text to an image to make something that people will want to pin.

You can also add overlays to your images such as heart, stars, and other symbols. You can put a polaroid frame around your images, or round off the corners. Picmonkey also lets you add textures on your images so that you can give them a grungy rough look if you want.

Picmonkey free photo editorPicmonkey doesn’t come close to Photoshop in ability, but for a free online photo editor it’s great. Picmonkey isn’t for serious photo editing. What Picmonkey does best is basic editing and styling your images with filters. It not for professional photo editors, but those who just need a tool to get some basic editing done quickly will be happy with it. Picmonkey is the perfect online photo editor for frequent image sharers and web content creators on the go.

Picmonkey also has several premium effects that will eventually be paid only. For the time being premium effects are free to use until the launch of their premium Royale membership.

Try out Picmonkey, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.