Recently, I visited a bird sanctuary. The picturesque outing was the most pleasurable experience of my life. I visited it with my family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed the complete day of outing. Then I wanted to pen down various experiences as well as benefits of a common cause for a social gathering. Here are some of the great experiences as an individual:

- The visit was a relaxing visit for me. Out from the daily rut of working, it was a quiet day. We reached the site forgetting all the problems at workplace or otherwise. This in itself was refreshing. My mind got diverted and I could feel the adrenalin rush in my blood for exploring new things.

- Then we boarded a small boat to go around beautiful lake. The lake was not deep. And that freed the mind from all the fears of drowning. This made the boat ride even more enjoyable. Being a bird sanctuary, we had an opportunity to see a wide variety of birds at one place. This reactivated and rejuvenated my mind. The variety included Flemingos, Australian Eagles, British pigeons apart from extremely rare species of ducks. The birds are really beautiful to watch. It further stimulated my mind in assimilating the great effects nature has on us.

- The picturesque location has refreshed not only my mind but also the body and thoughts. The fresh air and healthy natural environment provided a perfect treat for the body. Even the thoughts were refreshing. I will ever cherish this visit.

Social interaction has provided even better experiences. These are

- The sense of togetherness was a great experience. In today's materialistic world, there was a purposeful interaction. Away from all the family problems, everyone interacted freely. A lot of insight was provided about everyone to others. There was a sense of belongingness. There was sense of helping each other. There was sense of caring. There was sense of humour. These all provided the best possible avenue to forget about daily problems and enjoy life collectively.

- This visit provided a much needed break from the routing work life. This had a great impact on their motivation levels. This further encouraged them to work with more vigour and zeal, which were missing may be because of stagnation. Especially people, who are doing the same job over and over again, tend to get stagnated much earlier. There has to be some break. A lot of new theories are doing the rounds in corporate culture like having a gym in office, having yoga classes etc. However, certain strata of people may not cherish them because they were never exposed to these kinds of luxurious breaks. In these circumstances, for a group of people, picnic is the best option.

- The true colour or attitude of individuals is visible in these kinds of visits. The loyalty, integrity and other aspects, which may not be tested in daily working life, can be easily visible in group activities. One can be judged perfectly in outside ventures. The working attitude, helping nature, care about subordinates and family members can easily be seen in these activities.

Therefore, I always propagate that whatever work you are doing, wherever you are employed, picnics may be organised for a refreshing, motivating and eventful life.