One day picnics are always a good idea to get away from the regular routine and simply relax with family and friends. It doesn't require too much of planning but it does take some time to get everything that one would need for a day picnic trip or few days picnic. The things that one might need to keep in mind and check are weather, destination and time, picnic food, plastic tarp, blankets, picnic games, first aid kit, and hygiene kit.
Always check the weather ahead of time before you make arrangements for your day picnic. Generally, if you check the weather before two to three days ahead that would be fairly accurate. In summer time, you have to be careful about any heat wave or so. In winter and monsoon time, people don't go that often. But, it is always good idea to check for any snow fall or rain storm on their way to ruin your picnic. Keep the winter jackets, summer jackets, or rain coats according to the season.
Destination and Time
Sometimes what happens is that you want to go for a day trip, but you can't decide until the final picnic day comes. Then, you end up wasting lot of time and not able to enjoy the whole day. Plan ahead of time about where you would like to go for a day trip. If you are planning to go to any park or recreational area, then make sure to check the time schedule. It would give you good idea about what time you should reach or leave the place. Make sure you have proper directions to go. Keep either the map or GPS with you, so that you don't get lost anywhere.
Picnic Food
Once you all set to go for a picnic, what you need is picnic food. For dry snacks or food, you don't need to worry about them. You can put them in to zip lock bags or plastic containers. But, for the wet food or fruits, you have to keep picnic portable cooler or picnic food warming basket. These would help you in storing the picnic food at its best throughout the day. You can get big picnic basket to store all the picnic food in just one bag, so that you don't have to worry about missing out any picnic bag at home.
Plastic Tarps and Blankets
When you go out for a picnic, you never know if you can find benches or something nicer to sit on. It is always good idea to be prepared for any situations when you are out. For that reason, always keep plastic tarps with you whenever you are going for day picnic. You can find small or big size tarps at any stores. These would surely come in handy when you don't want to get your clothes dirty. For better comfort, you can also take blankets with you. You can put it over on the plastic tarp for better comfort. It is optional if you are fine with only plastic tarps too. Blankets might come in handy if there is cold.
Even if you are going with your family members or friends on a day picnic, you have to have some picnic games in mind to play. Playing games is the best idea to get everyone involved and have lots of fun. There are so many types of picnic games for kids and adults that you can find at the game stores.
First Aid Kit and Hygiene Kit
First aid kit and hygiene kit are very necessary for you and your family or friends when you go on for picnic. Accidents can happen any time, no matter even if it is small. In these kits you would have everything that you should have from bandage, rubbing alcohol, soap, antiseptic cream, medicine, sun screen lotion, mosquito preventer spray, scissors, knife, etc. The list goes on. But, you definitely should have the first aid kit and hygiene kit with you anytime when you go out for picnic.
These are some of the tips and checklist you can take a look at it before planning or going to any day picnic or few days picnics. This would surely come in handy, because no matter how much you plan, sometimes you just forget something. So, make sure to check the list before you go for a picnic.
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