Paris is known for being a city of romance. While there are any number of ways to ignite the fires of love in Paris, if you're looking for an ideal site de rencontre, one of the best options is to enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris by preparing a picnic.

Parisian food is known for its excellence, and you don't need to go to an expensive restaurant and depend upon a gourmet chef to enjoy the benefits. A simple purchase of some fresh bread and cheese can make for a delicious picnic on the banks of the river or in a shaded park. Of course, buying a bottle of wine is never thought amiss, and a quick stop at a street florist for a bouquet of flowers can make the afternoon even more special.

In order to take full advantage of an outdoor site de rencontre, you need to do a bit of preparation ahead of time. Check the weather forecasts and make sure that the chances of rain are slim. If there are clouds overhead, at least be sure to bring an umbrella or two. It may be more practical for each of you to open up your own umbrella, but ducking raindrops under a single umbrella can be a most romantic exercise.

If the picnic is to be a surprise, think about what type of site de rencontre would suit your love best. Someone who appreciates culture might prefer an urban setting such as a bench in close proximity to some of the city's statues and architecture. The two of you could people-watch as you eat and try to pick out couples that remind you of yourselves.

For something more intimate, try a grassy park. You can lay out a blanket if you choose, and the two of you can lie on your backs together watching the clouds after you have finished eating. Situate yourselves near the water, and you may want to save a bit of that bread so that you can toss crumbs out to passing ducks and other birds. This can be a very fun activity, and if you bring your camera, memorable photographs may result.

If you don't already have a picnic basket, you might want to buy one. You can, of course, pack food in a backpack or cooler, but storing it in an actual wicker picnic basket just feels much more romantic. If you know of any favorite foods that your lover particularly likes, go ahead and bring them along, especially if they don't require any refrigeration or warming up.

You can also stick other goodies in the picnic basket. For instance, perhaps you could follow the picnic up with a reading from a volume of poetry that you've conveniently packed. You could also hide a gift in the basket. If you're feeling especially daring, this might just be the right occasion to pop the question; imagine her surprise when she finds box containing an engagement ring hiding underneath the baguette!

Going for a picnic is a wonderful outing for those who are just getting to know each other as well as those whose love for each other is long established. It's invigorating to get out into the fresh air and feel like a part of the world at large, and the smells of flowers and sights of nature's beauty may just inspire further romantic activities. If you're going to pursue love in Paris, don't spend all of your time indoors. Pack a picnic every once in a while, and you'll see how the city of love will enfold the two of you in its tender embrace.