Picnic Food

Picnic food ideas

A picnic can be a huge success once you do some planning to come up with some suitable, delicious picnic food ideas. By choosing the rights sorts of picnic food and asking everyone attending to bring the various of foods, you can avoid double ups and make sure sure you've got a great choice of tasty picnic foods to enjoy on the day.

Unless you are having a Barbecue picnic, bring picnic meals that can be eaten cold.  Nibbles and snacks are easily taken care of as there's a huge choice of cold nibbles you can bring along i.e. dips, cheese, pâté or antipasta. A platter of mixed sandwiches or rolls will be popular at a picnic. Try making the fillings gourmet such as chicken and chives, or salami, sun-dried tomato & roasted capsicum or perhaps ham & brie. Other picnic food ideas include items such as marinated and cooked meats, frittatas and salads which can all be made in advance. For sweet options, choose foods which can be enjoyed cold such as muffins, cakes and tarts.

Assign various people joining the picnic to bring along the selection of different foods. Make an effort to get the right balance of quantities and types of food. To steer clear of double ups, get people to put their hands up to make and bring something as people can have different tastes and preferences. After everyone has nominated their dish/s, you can identify what is missing (i.e. a sweet dish or a salad) and assign those remaining foods. Don’t forget to ask someone to bring the refreshments and someone else to bring the disposable plates and cutlery.

The following tips will help make sure your picnic is a success. Don't forget to pack the necessary utensils to serve the picnic food for example tongs or a spoon. Pick out food that travels well and store it in proper containers for travelling. Ensure that foods that need refrigeration (meats, dairy etc) are kept cold in a transportable esky. Take a rubbish bag as you might not be in close proximity to a public trash can. And don't forget to bring condiments including salt, pepper, sauces or mustards.

Whether it’s a casual affair with your children or with friends or perhaps a get together with work colleagues, your picnic can be a great success. There are many picnic food ideas depending on your personal preference, so take the time to sit down and plan your outing to get the most from your day.