If you are wondering, are there sex offenders in my area, then the answer is most likely yes. It seems that these days there are more and more of them out on the street. Perhaps we're being too soft on crime, or perhaps the community reentry programs are getting used too much. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of sex offenders in my area, and chances are, they are in your neighborhood as well.

Locate Their Homes:

With the National Registry, you really can see pictures and locations of sex offenders in my area, or your neighborhood. All parents will want to view the information, so they can protect the kids from the pedophiles in your neighborhood. Here's how to locate them.

1. Log on to familywatchdog.us, to find sex offenders in my area, to make sure my neighborhood is safe for my children. The site is part of the National Registry and will show locations and photographs of the sex offenders in my area. Once you have logged on, go to the next step.

2. Familywatchdog.us wil show you maps and locations of sex offenders in my area. To get to these, put in your location information, the map will populate automatically.

3. Zoom in and out on the map, to narrow your results. You can pull up the exact address of the sex offenders in my area this way. You will be able to tell what areas of your neighborhood are safe this way.

4. Click on the colored squares to get more information on sex offenders in my area. You'll be able to get a photograph, full name and exact address of each one in your neighborhood.

The Color Coded System:

Once you've located the sex offenders in my area, you'll notice that there are several colored areas. These have significance, and shouldn't be ignored. Here's what the colors and symbols mean, so you can get the full details of the sex offenders in my area.

RED: This sex offender in my area has committed a sexual crime against a child. Commonly referred to as a pedophile, you'll want to keep your kids clear of these locations in your neighborhood. This is the actual residence of the sex offender in my area.

BURGUNDY: The place of employment of one of the sex offenders in my area. You'll be surprised at some of the places they are working at.

YELLOW: Crimes against adults, like rape, will be shown in yellow. This is their residence. Keep clear of these homes, as they have sex offenders in my area living there.

WHITE: The homes of adult crimes are listed in yellow, and their place of employment is listed in white.

BRIGHT BLUE: Crimes against adults, like sexual battery, will be listed in bright blue. The sex offenders in my area that committed this crime will have a bright blue spot at their residence on the map.

DARK BLUE: Those committing sexual battery will have their place of employment listed in a very dark blue, which is nearly black. These are some more of the sex offenders in my area to stay away from.

GREENS: All others will be listed in green. The residence of the sex offenders in my area will be bright green, with the place of employment as a dark green.


Keep in mind that sex offenders in my area will have different crimes they were convicted of. In many states, a 17 year old boy can be arrested for having consensual sex with a 16 year old girl, and get listed on the registry. Many will view this as something a little different. You can find the sex offenders in your area, so you know what parts of the neighborhood are safer for children.