Take a piece of paper in your hand. It can be gripped, torn, and shredded into a thousand scraps simply by tearing it. When using only our hands, there is a limit to how small the scraps can be. Try as we might, there is an upper limit to our dexterity. Even the person with the most nimble fingers cannot increase the number of possible scraps beyond a maximum limit. The pieces become to small and fine to handle with our fingers alone.

We, however, have the ability to increase our abilities through artificial extensions of our body. We use tools. By using a blade the pieces of paper can be made smaller and smaller, each piece reducing in size as the fineness and sharpness of the blade increases. The sharpest and finest blade knows a limit as well. Eventually the parts cannot be made smaller.

Once mechanics fail us, we can then move on to split the paper fragments through other means. By harnessing the power of chemical reactions, the paper can be broken down into smaller molecules and if enough energy was applied to the process, the paper could be reduced to its constituent elemental parts. This would consist mainly of a tube of gases and a pile of black carbon, accompanied by several trace elements.

Modern science has corroborated our intuition. Even these elemental pieces can be further reduced, subatomic particles comprise atoms. And even further still, these parts can be reduced.

What is beyond our ability to reduce? The same question can be asked in the opposite direction; What is beyond our ability to increase? What bigger things are beyond the scope of our ability to see? What smaller things are hidden, just out of reach of our mechanical and physical tools?

When tools fail us we rely on something else. As humans we possess an amazing ability to recognize patterns. We use this in our everyday life for survival in order to thrive. This is the realm of thoughts, faith, and theories.

Some call it science, some call it mathematics, some call it faith. At one time or another we have all felt it. Something outside the realm of what our senses tell us is real. Call it whatever name you wish. Right now we can't agree on things of this nature and that's OK. What is more important than the name is to remember that this is part of living and for us, part of being Human.

Remember the paper. Remember is parts. Take whatever interpretation that you want to. It is your own and it is important. You can call it a name or assign it a feeling. Finally, remember the pieces are what makes up the whole.