From the moment you walk into a Pier One Imports store, one of the first things you will notice will be the fresh scents floating by you in the candle section. Candles are one of Pier One Import’s most popular items, as they offer unique scent collections which are great as small gifts, and a quick way to perk up a room in any home.

Please note, this review is for Pier One Import’s scented candle collections which are available year round, and not for the seasonal candles they also provide.

Currently, Pier One Imports offers candles in a selection of about 12 different colors and scents. From the fruity Ginger Peach, to the spicy Patchouli to the floral Aspen Flower, the scents each have their own unique undertones and over tones. Additionally, each scent collection is color coordinated. For example, Ginger Peach is a rich orange color, and Citrus Cilantro is lime green. Although the colors are great, this can also present a problem, if the room you need a candle for is purple, but the scent you like is red. The easiest way to solve this problem is to buy an opaque candle holder to hide the candle. However, then you will lose out on seeing the beauty of the candle itself.

The pricing of the candles have all recently gone up about $2 to $3 each to compete with other end candle companies. With the new pricing, the cost per ounce for each candle ends up being less than the full price of other candle companies such as Yankee Candle. Additionally, Pier One Imports offers a different scent each month (The “Scent of the Month”) for 20% off regular price, which a great bonus, particularly if you like the scent being offered.

Scent & Shape
The most disappointing aspect to the candles is the strength of the scent. It seems that some candles, even those within the same collection, will offer a stronger scent than others in that collection. Upon selecting a candle, it is impossible to tell how strong it will be in a room. I purchased a small candle and used it in a large room, and it made the room very fragrant. However, when I purchased that same fragrance in a larger candle, and put it in a smaller room, I could barely smell it. This was a big minus for me, as if I am purchasing a candle, I want to know what to expect. It seems that some of the wax batches for Pier One Imports are made stronger than others, but most of them are pretty weak. Additionally, these candles don’t burn particularly well either. The first time you light them, it is imperative to strategically burn them for the number of hours that they are wide in inches. For example, if your candle is two inches wide, you need to burn it for at least two hours. Otherwise, the wick will continue to burn straight down, and you will have wasted nearly all of the wax. However, even if you do follow this method to burn your candles, you will probably find your Pier One Imports candle to melt into a weird shape, not straight down.

When I compare these candles to others such as Yankee candle, there is no comparison. Having the Pier One Imports candles has been a bit cumbersome and annoying dealing with the lack of fragrance, and oddly shaped melting candles. I would rather wait until Yankee Candle has a sale and purchase those instead. However, Pier One Import’s candles do seem to have more updated scents for a slightly younger customer. Being someone in her late twenties, this is a tough draw to pass up. However, I still prefer quality over anything else, and the quality of Pier One Import’s candles is unfortunately lacking in the scents department due to their strength. I could probably deal with the weird melting issue they have, but the fact that I’ve purchased candles I’ve been unable to smell at all leaves me feeling unsatisfied with their product.