If you're looking for cheap pigeon hole shelving, you would find this information useful. The pigeon hole shelving resembles a large open shelf bookcase with many compartments in it. They are commonly used in the office or workplace to store small items such as mail or stationery. Each employee would have their own unit so facilitate the internal mail delivery. Depending on the size that you get, you may be able to fit in larger items such as bags into it. There is also a lockable pigeon hole shelving option for you to choose from with a small slot for people to put in documents, files or letters. There is actually a lot of versatility offered in regards to these shelves. They can actually be used in a wide range of situations besides those that they are commonly known for.

Here are some of the options that you have when it comes to buying pigeon hole shelving. Places where you can buy them for a low price would be discussed later in the article.

Number of Units

Pigeon Hole ShelvingThe pigeon hole shelving comes ready made in a few standard sizes which are 20 holes or 40 holes. However, you can find them in different structures. For example, the one with 40 holes might come in 5x8 units or 4x10 units. Depending on the space that you have available, this is an important thing to consider when making your choice. If none of these are suitable for you, you can also opt for other sizes sold in the market such as 25, 30 or even 50 pigeon hole shelving. You can even get custom made ones where you can specify the number of units that you want in a single shelf and have it built to your specifications. Although slightly more expensive, by getting this pigeon hole shelving, you can be sure that they will fit your space available at the office or warehouse.

Unit Size

As you may know, each pigeon hole shelving unit comes in different sizes. You may find some with small holes and others with larger holes. If you are just looking to store mail in these shelves, you could opt for smaller units so that you can fit more units into the shelf. The smaller units should be fine for normal mail except for occasionally large packages which may be delivered. However, if you are looking to store larger items such as bags or spare parts, you might want to opt for a larger unit pigeon hole shelving. The depth of the units is also important if you are looking to store long items.

Open Ended or With Lockable Doors?

While the most common type of pigeon hole shelving are those with no doors at the front, there are some which comes with lockable doors to safeguard the contents of the shelves. With these designs, there will usually be a small slot on the top of the door to put documents in it. This type of pigeon hole shelving is more commonly used if there is a need to protect the documents or mail from being stolen from one person's unit. Only the owner of the unit would have the key to open it each day to receive their mail. This type of lockers is also used in the university to facilitate the handing up of student assignments to a lecturer. The pigeon hole shelving with this security feature would help protect the contents against theft which is very important if you are dealing with private and confidential information which should not fall in the wrong hands.


The pigeon hole shelving can come in different types of material. You can either find traditional wood ones, steel ones or plastic ones to suit your needs. The wood ones are usually lacquered to give them a natural finish. Nowadays, the more common pigeon hole shelving are the steel or plastic ones because they are more cost efficient to produce. They might also be a more mobile shelf compared to the wood ones because they are generally lighter compared to those made of hardwood. You can also find a pigeon hole shelving with a mixture of a steel carcass with plastic dividers which offer you the best of both worlds – light and sturdy.

Places to Purchase Cheap Pigeon Hole Shelving

There are quite a few places where you can purchase cheap pigeon hole shelving. With the right amount of research and effort, you should be able to find a suitable one for yourself at an affordable price. Here are some of the popular places to shop for one.

Nextag.com – This site is an excellent site to look at if you are searching for pigeon hole shelving. Search for it in the search bar it will yield you with many results. You can get many types here, whether you want a CD storage unit or a mail storage unit. If there are a few sellers for a particular pigeon hole shelving, you can compare the prices among them and choose the one that gives you the best deal. By doing this, you do not need to go to their individual websites to compare the prices.

Ikea – This brand is very famous when it comes to furniture items. With the wide range of products that it offers, you should be able to find one that suits your needs here. You could either drive out to the store to have a look at it for yourself or buy online through their website. After all, you would be able to get the exact measurements of the pigeon hole shelving on their website. Buying online could save you time while being able to accomplish more.

Furniture Warehouses – Another place to look for pigeon hole shelving is at furniture warehouses. These large scale stores would often carry stock on them, so you can browse through their display items or catalogue to find one that you like. Since they are large scale, you would be able to get one at a fairly cheap price compared to going to the regular furniture stores.