Bird DeterrentPigeon proofing your home does not have to be a complicated task. It's also far more humane than many people realise. There are two ways in which you can deter birds from nesting and roosting on and around your property: bird netting or bird spikes.

Bird netting: This is exactly what it sounds like. It's a section of fine netting that is positioned by way of raised support struts. It's better for larger areas - roof tops or garden areas and anywhere that you may be growing home grown produce, such as a market garden area.

The user friendly version is the bird netting kit form: everything you need will be contained within the pack; all you have to do is determine the surface area you wish to pigeon proof prior to purchase. The installation is a little time consuming but once it's in place, you will experience a marked improvement regarding pigeons and other pest birds.

Pigeon spikes: These sound a little torturous and a long way from humane. However, they're neither and of the two methods you can employ to pigeon proof your home; they're probably the easier alternative. The spikes are generally made from tough rubberized type materials that are set on narrow strip-type bases.

All that's required to install them is to simply spread glue onto the base and then position them as and where you need them. They're great for window sills, parapets, drainage piping - pretty much anywhere.

As previously mentioned, neither method are as cruel as they appear and pigeon proofing your home using bird netting or spikes is deemed humane by animal cruelty organizations. The bird netting simply provides a screen - one which pigeons and other pest birds are more than capable of detecting.

Pigeon spikes work in much the same way and there are thousands of business and commercial organizations that employ one or both methods in order to pigeon proof their properties. Bird netting is commonly used by vineyard owners and even local government organizations make best use of bird spikes.

Next time you're walking around town, look up and check such as surveillance cameras and along commercial building parapets and window sills. The chances are you'll spot bird spikes strategically installed along the parapets. Also note that wherever someone has used a bird deterrent, the surrounding area will be free of the detritus and debris that pigeons leave behind.

If you have a large property, it may be wiser to employ someone to install bird netting or bird spikes for you. Many companies that manufacture and/or produce bird deterrents usually employ installation specialists and you'll probably find that as you're already purchasing a product from the company, professional installation is cheaper. Pigeon proofing your home doesn't have to cost the earth - and the benefits will be a cleaner, tidier and altogether pigeon free home.