Pike fishing

is a very popular pursuit that has literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of anglers every year chasing those trophy freshwater fish. While every angler likes to think that they have been around the block a few times, even the best fisherman knows that there is always more to learn when it comes to fishing. That's why finding good pike fishing tips is so important, because some good tips not only can help beginners more quickly succeed in the sport, but it can also help veteran anglers to get even better than they already are.

Looking for good pike fishing tips isn't a bad thing, and it isn't admitting failure to anybody. In fact, there are expert anglers who will spend hours discussing strategies and techniques with one another, all hoping to glean just a little bit more knowledge to make their angling arsenal more complete, their efforts that much more focused, and their fishing "game" that much more complete.

So you're probably here because you're looking for some half way decent pike fishing tips, and that is a completely reasonable thing to expect out of an article with that title. The problem with giving an overview of tips is that these can vary greatly from place to place and environment to environment. Obviously the surrounding area and environmental factors are going to affect fishing strategy more than anything else, but even with that said there are some basic pike fishing strategies that seem to generally work just about anywhere, so I'm going to garner my northern pike fishing tips from these sources.

  1. Use tackle, not bait. Small live bait generally doesn't work very well with aggressive predator fish like pike. If you want to see good results, look at large spinners, annoying spoons, or magnum sized rapalas. Those will get the big fish to bite.
  2. Keep track of success and failures. In some places the mornings are going to be wild and the afternoons dead. On the next lake yonder the complete opposite might be true. Keep track of these things.
  3. Have patience. Some pike like to mess with their prey before finishing them off. If you're getting light taps, this could be what is happening. Be patient and wait for the big hit.
  4. Have fun. While trying to reel in that trophy pike that keeps getting away can be frustrating, angling is meant to be fun and you're going to enjoy it a lot more if you can keep this perspective.
These are just a few of the pike fishing tips that will help you pursue those monster pike and enjoy it every step of the way as you do so.