Pilates Instructor Certification is typically divided into two parts. The first one is Pilates Mat Certification, then Comprehensive Pilates Certification, both of which cover all of the Pilates equipment.

After two basic certifications, you can move on to many levels of advanced training that is available for anyone who wants to specialize in the rehabilitative aspect or sport-specific area of Pilates.

Pilates Instructor Certification Mat Instructor
The Mat instructor training is typically available to Pilates students who have shown a proficiency in the class.

It is highly recommended that you study Pilates for a while before taking the class to be a teacher. The training will cover all the basic mat exercises, and ways to modify them for particular physical needs.

The exam for Mat Instructor will include a teaching demonstration, and a written test. then the Basic Mat Instructor certification will be offered as an intensive weekend course, or over 2 weekends. You can expect to pay as little as $100 up to $300, or maybe more for yourPilates Instructor Certification.

Beware that Pilates training is not standardized. You need to investigate the places you wish to be certified, and make sure it meets your standards and needs.

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Certification
This is a full certification and is more elaborate than the mat instructor certification. You as the student, will be required to have completed at least a year of Pilates study, which include a number of private lessons. You will also be expected to complete the Mat teacher training.

You will go through some basic education in anatomy and physiology, as well as the history of Joseph Pilates and how he came up with the Pilates Method. You will also be taught on the Pilates equipment and the exercises used on them.

The ComprehensivePilates Instructor Certification can take up to a year to complete, as well as many hours required in the studio as an apprentice. Your apprentice time requirements can be up to 900 hours in a year. Cost can be at least $3,000, or more.