Have you ever woke in the night looking for a cool spot on the pillow? Night head sweats can be uncomfortable for anyone, whether you suffer from night sweats or menopause hot flashes, or you simply sleep hot!

If you wake in the night with a sweaty head, you just cannot get comfortable.  But there are many new products on the market now for anyone suffering from hot nights!   Instead of just flipping your pillow over and searching for that illusive cold spot, you can now get these pillow inserts that will keep your pillow at about 72 degrees for a cool nights sleep.

These are not pillows that need to be plugged in or made of anything toxic.  These are simply pillow inserts that you slip into the pillow case of your favourite pillow.  No need to replace your pillow if you really like it.

You activate them as soon as you need it, and place it in your pillow and then rest your head on it at night, and it keeps your head at a cooler temperature, which is great for those summer nights and nights where you just seem to suffer from night head sweats.

You could take this a step further and purchase bed sheets that are designed for night sweats and hot flashes, and use the pillow case and this cooling insert.  Together you would be able to wick away moisure and keep your head cool.

These pillow inserts can also be used anywhere you would like some cooling, possibly your back, or even out of the bed and on the couch while watching TV on those hot summer nights.

If you find that you suffer at night with these sweats and it is disturbing your sleep, then you need to change your bedtime routine and invest in some great products that are on the market now to help ease your suffering at night.

It all depends on your degree of suffering at night.  If it is mild sweating you could invest in night sweats pajamas that wick away the moisture so that you are not laying there with jammies stuck to you in the middle of the night.  Or you can take it a step further and replace your bedsheets with specialty ones designed for night sweats.

You can also get a bed cooling fan if you are really feeling the heat, it pushes away the built up heat and helps to cool you down during the night.

But if you find that the worse problem for you, that prevents you from getting a good nights sleep is night head sweats, where you wake up with your hair and head soaked from sweat, then getting a cooling pillow or pillow insert that keeps your pillow cool would really help to alleviate that.Night Head SweatsCredit: Amazon

Instead of suffering each night and waking up yourself and your partner, take a good look at what is available on the market now for night sweats and menopause.  We all know how important a good nights sleep is for our health and for the people around us the next day!

Night Head Sweats Cooling Pillow

Getting to sleep and staying asleep are important.  This cooling pillow insert is non toxic and is just another tool in you war on night sweats!

You can get these in specialy bedding stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon.  They are totally affordable, can be used for your night head sweats and also for cooling other parts of your body or bed.  Invest in a good nights sleep and enjoy the next day!