Do you want that extra comfort without spending hundred of dollars on new mattress? Can't seem to find the solution on how you and your partner could agree on the softness of the bed? A pillow top mattress pad could be just what you are looking for. With a pillow top mattress pad, you could easily increase the comfort of your mattress and even experience the luxury of plush hotel beds. And, a pillow top mattress pad created to fit only half of your bed size, you could be sure that your partner wouldn't mind putting in the extra pad when he wants firmness while he sleeps.

Features and Advantages of Pillow Top Mattress Pad

Why purchase a mattress pad when you just can purchase another mattress? Here are some of the reasons why:

- Protects your expensive the main mattress of your bed
- Much cheaper than a heavy and bulky bed mattress
- Designed to match your normal bed height
- An all-natural mite repellent
- More cooler and breathable than your bed mattress
- Supple without going feather-y soft

If you've endured spinal stenosis and other back problems, you know that a firm, flat mattress is a must for you to just get a good night's sleep? But what if your doctor's advice is just something too hard to just follow? Health experts and PT advice shopping for thin, few inch thick pillow top mattress pad to give you that comfort that you could start getting used to.

Shopping Tips for Pillow Top Mattress Pad

While most, if not all, pillow top mattress pad differ mainly in terms of height, choosing the right one could be extremely difficult - especially if you have to consider your partner's preference. Here are some factors that you need to consider in shopping for a pillow top mattress pad.

Softness. In all mattress pads, the pillow top is considered to be the softest. Essentially, while this is great for those who just needs extra cushion for a comfortable sleep, a pillow top mattress pad could be a back's worst enemy, especially if you have to endure back pains, and in particular spinal stenosis. But what if you and your partner could not agree on how soft the bed should be? Buying a pillow top mattress could solve this issue since most retailers offer this mattress pad in half the size of your standard king size bed. Talking about having your own space.

Height. In general, most pillow top mattress pad are designed anywhere between two and five inches. But does the cushion layering make all the difference? Does this also mean that a five inch pillow top mattress is softer than that of the two inch pad? In general, no since the rule of thumb in mattresses is that the greater the height of a mattress the more firm it is. Remember, the height does not determine how plush a mattress is.

Price. Sleeping on pillow top mattress is like paying a night at a luxury hotel bed. And, considering that there linens and mattresses that you would have to buy to truly achieve the softness that you want, adding a pillow top mattress on top of all these expenses is already a luxury. In fact, pillow top mattresses, as compared to toppers and other bed accessories, is quite expensive and not something that you would want to just buy "out of the blue." Price tag is, therefore, an important factor in buying a pillow top mattress pad. So buy wisely