If you wake up every morning with stiff shoulders and a sore neck, you should invest in pillows for neck pain. The fluffy pillows of today don't offer the support that your body needs. Because of that, you often wake up in pain that can follow you the rest of the day. Pillows for neck pain won't necessarily provide instant relief, but they are one of the safest and most effective ways to ease your soreness.

memory foam pillowWhen you are looking to buy a new pillow, you should keep in mind that your body won't be able to adjust to it overnight. If there is a big difference between your current pillow and your new one, you might make matters worse if you switch. This is because, while your muscles might be misaligned right now, they can't return to normal right away without them being pulled more than is comfortable. You might want to get a couple of different pillows so that you gradually change the firmness or you might want to start by taking naps with your new purchase.

There are several different types of pillows for neck pain that you can choose. Everyone has different preferences, so take your time before deciding what you want. Some of these pillows will be just as cheap as standard fluffy pillows, but others are more expensive. What makes these good for reducing neck pain is that tend to be more firm than regular pillows. This allows them to cradle the head while supporting the neck. Other pillows may seem more comfortable, but they are so soft that they lead to neck strain. You may want to consider a memory foam pillow, a chiropractic pillow, a buckwheat neck pillow, an inflatable neck pillow, a water filled pillow, or a neck roll pillow.

Buckwheat Neck Pillow

One great pillow for neck pain is made from buckwheat hulls. As the name implies, this pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls. If you aren't familiar with these, they are small and round and they allow you to shape the pillow to your preferences. While most people will be happy with the amount of buckwheat hulls, you can also remove some or add more if you feel that will be more comfortable.

If you do get this type of pillow, you will find that you may need to adjust it a little bit every night before bed. This is because the hulls can shift during the day. Buckwheat pillows are traditionally from Japan. Because of that, you'll find that most of these are a smaller size than you are used to. This makes them great for travel. Some larger sizes are sold, but these tend to be more expensive.

The prices on these can vary depending on the kind that you buy. A nonorganic normal-sized model can usually be found for around $20. If you want one made with organic buckwheat hulls be prepared to spend $30-$40. Since you are looking at pillows for neck pain, you may want to find one that has a neck roll in it. While this isn't essential, it is a nice feature.

Chiropractic Pillow for Neck Pain

If you visit a chiropractor for neck or back pain, you might have seen a chiropractic pillow for sale in the office. These are also sold online. A chiropractic neck pillow has a soft middle, but two firm edges that are made from foam, typically memory foam. One edge is narrow and the other edge is wider. This is useful because it gives to different options for supporting your head.

Unlike a regular memory foam pillow, a chiropractic pillow will usually have fiber in the middle. This makes it softer and many people find this comfortable. Many people who sleep on memory foam notice that it bothers their ears. Having fiber in the center solves the problem of uncomfortable ears.

Memory Foam Pillow

Many people turn to memory foam pillows to relieve their neck pain. These are so popular that you will find them sold in may retail stores, such as Target, Walmart, and Kohls. While they often cost slightly more than fluffy pillows, the prices are still affordable.

These are famous for using NASA technology, and most people who use them couldn't imagine using anything else. They are good for cradling the head and bounce back into their normal form during the day, so there is also good support given. Like the chiropractic models, memory foam pillows tend to have a wide edge and a narrow edge.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

If you like memory foam but find it doesn't offer quite enough support, you may be interested in an inflatable memory foam pillow. These have a base of standard foam, then the air chamber, and then memory foam on the top. The top layer means that it is comfortable and the air chamber means that it can just to your needs exactly.

There are also inflatable pillows that don't use memory foam. These are good because they give you complete control over firmness. Since everyone has a different preference, this is a great feature to have. These work by having a few different air pockets in different zones. You can inflate the neck region more than the center reason so it provides customizable support.

Water Filled Pillow

Many people are intrigued by water filled pillows, but they haven't hit the mainstream yet. If you want to buy one you usually have to shop online. This type of pillow ensures that your neck and head are in the right position. It adjusts as you move, which makes it better than one made of memory foam or buckwheat hulls. This pillow for neck pain relief requires little work after the initial setup.

Neck Roll Pillow

Most people enjoy having a full sized pillow, but some people decide to try a neck roll pillow to alleviate their pain. These are good to try if you haven't had success with other types of pillows. If you do decide to go this route, be sure to find a model that is suitable for sleeping on. Some brands are just made for temporarily resting.

Where to Buy Pillows for Neck Pain

There are many places that you can buy pillows that reduce neck pain. If your pain isn't too severe, you may want to try a local retailer. While they won't have a lot of options, they should carry memory foam pillows. Chiropractic offices and doctor offices who specialize in neck and back pain may also sell them.

If you are looking for the largest selection, you should shop online. You can find a lot of options at an online retailer like Amazon or your can shop at an online specialty store.