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Old School Pinup Tattoos

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Pin up tattoo designs are interesting, vintage variations on the 'pin up girl' motif of the earlier half of the 20th century. These designs harken back to an earlier, simpler time, and pinup girl tattoo designs have a great, old school vintage feel to them. I've written this article to help you be aware of the connotations and history of the pin up girl before you choose one of this style.

Feel free to browse this pin up girl tattoo designs article. Hopefully some of the ideas and pictures will give you a bit of inspiration when choosing or designing a tattoo of your own.

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Pinup Tattoo Designs: A History

Pin Up Tattoo Pictures

pin up girls tattoo picturesCredit: Marilyn Monroe pin up girls vintage tattoo designsCredit: Betty Page

The pinup girls tattoo designs and pictures we see today have a history dating back to the 1890's. Notable pinup girls included Marilyn Monroe, Ursula Andress, Sophia Loren and Betty Page, but the pinup girl was around even in far earlier times. 

The term was first referred to in print in the 1940's, but the idea is classic: a sex symbol's image is released in a small, printed format, perfect for pinning up anywhere: lockers, workplace, anywhere a tack will go into the wall. The symbolism is loaded, and there are a lot of connotations with seductresses and sex symbols, while at the same time emphasizing the women's rights movements and powerful female icons. 

It's no wonder why pinup tattoo designs became so popular: often men and boys had a powerful connection to certain models or actresses due to their appearance in a pinup. Soldiers in WWII often had pinups, a potent symbol of home and what they were fighting for. 

The 'painted pinup' was dead by the end of the 1960's, however, and those painted portraits are really the only popular kind of pinup tattoo designs out there. 

Pinup Tattoo Designs: Popular Styles and Girls

Vintage Pin Up Girl Designs for Tattoos

pin up tattoo designs(54209)Credit:

Pinup tattoo designs are getting popular these days as people look back fondly upon the past. Vintage and old school tattoos are returning to popularity, and classic looks like these pinup girl tattoo designs are no exception. 

Since a pinup tattoo design these days is often a vintage homage, you may want to exaggerate the design a little bit. Use bright colors and stylistic licence when drafting your version of your pinup girl of choice.

I suggest you be somewhat tasteful: pinup girls of the earlier half of the 20th century rarely showed too much skin: they relied on the male imagination. You don't want it to be pornographic. 

If you don't choose a specific actress or model, be sure to include vintage nods, such as hairstyle, bikini styles and vintage colors. The more old school your vintage pinup tattoo design looks, the classier it will be.