We've all seen pinch pleat curtains, and you've probably seen sheer curtains at the store, but it is very rare to find pinch pleat sheer curtains in a package. That doesn't mean you can't get them, but they can be hard to find.

For starters, you will want to be sure you have the right kind of curtain rod and (or) rings to hang your sheers. Most pinch pleat curtain sheers are hung using drapery hooks and a traverse rod. The other option is to use clip rings & a standard curtain rod. Once you have this, you will need figure out the sizes you will be looking for.

JC Penney Decorative Traverse Rod

Shown here is a decorative traversing rod with carriers. The carriers are the little holes at the bottom of the rod. This is where you will hook the drapery pins into after first sliding the pin part into the pleat of the curtain sheers.

Levolor Drapery Pins

The same method is used when using a plain traverse rod. The plain rods are meant to be used under a cornice, swag, or valance because when the sheers are open it is just a plain white aluminum rod.

Levolor Basic Traverse Rod

Standard lengths of drapery panels are usually 63", 84", and 96". Panel widths will vary widely. The width stated on the package is the space the panel will cover when the curtains are closed. Divide the total width of the space you want covered by the sheers by the width of each panel, and you will find how many panels you need to buy. Some ready-made sheer curtains are sold in pairs, meaning you will receive two panels per package.

If you are looking for a solid color pinch pleat sheer curtain, you will have a better chance of finding them in a package at stores like JC Penney. An embroidered or patterned sheer will be much more difficult to find, but not impossible. You will just need to have them custom made. A local seamstress should have no problem making them, and you can have them made to you specific sizes as well. There are a wide variety of sheer fabrics to work with and it allows you to be more creative with your interior design.

Why use a pinch pleat instead of a pocket?

Some of you might wonder why you would need to use a pinch pleat sheer curtain rather than a standard rod pocket style. A pinch pleat drape provides a much more tailored appearance, especially when the sheers are closed. The folds will be more uniform and will gather better when the drapes are pulled open. The drawbacks to using a pinch pleat is the fact that you will need to order more fabric to cover the widow because of the gathers or pleats, which will drive the cost up.

You can see in the images below the difference in the appearance of a standard rod-pocket curtain sheer and a pinch pleated curtain sheer. The left picture is a JC Penney Lisette Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtain. The picture on the right is a JC Penney Nolita Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain.

Pinch Pleat Sheer Curtains from JC PenneyRod Pocket Sheer Curtains from JC Penney

Pinch pleated curtain sheers hung on a decorative traverse rod is a classic look and will immediately add style and substance to any room. They filter light beautifully and allow you to easily open and close the sheers depending on what you need for privacy. Nothing is more soothing than waking up in the morning with sunlight streaming through a pair of sheer curtains.