Pine computer desks with a hutch can be purchased online for home use. Sometimes we take work home with us, and we need a good computer desk that can occupy our working documents. Pine really blends in well with all types of homes. They are very popular purchases, that provide more of a traditional look to your home. A pine desk for home use doesn't have to take up too much space, while still providing plenty of room for you to work. When shopping online for the right kind of computer desks, you should consider purchasing one that has a hutch. A hutch provides more space, while providing a safe shield for your protected valuables as well. Down blow are a few different pine computer desks that can be bought online, that also come with a hutch to keep your valuables protected. Corner tables and even cheap but nice pine desks within your budget range are available for home and office use.

Pine Computer Desks with Hutch

The Vaughan-Bassett furniture cottage colors home desk that features a hutch and pinstripe pine is a very simple for your home office or computer room at home. Simple, traditional, yet an eloquent style. The pine chair also comes with your purchase. This is definitely meant to be used for home use. The hutch is pretty big with two open shelves that can store pictures, plants, and lamps. On the bottom hutch you can store your computer screen. It's basically a home shelf combined with an office desk. Drawers are also featured, along with a pullout keyboard tray. The Vaughan-Bassett is one of durable, sturdy, and reliable desks that do not  take up a lot of space. It's only 18 inches wide, but also 39 inches tall. It's a space saver. Prices are expensive and cost over a thousand dollars online at furniture buzz.


Computer Desk by Vaughan Bassett - Cherry (BB13-778)
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(price as of May 27, 2015)

You can purchase basically the exact same pine desk online at numerous online stores for very low prices. The 3-Drawer pull out that features a hutch comes in a pine finish that costs under a thousand dollars. A upholstered desk chair can be included for an extra $300 dollars. The two shelf space is featured on the hutch. It's a little smaller though, than the Vaughan-Basset pine computer desk. These are still practically they same pine computer desks with a hutch, however. The three drawers, and a pull out keyboard tray is included. The desktop might be a little smaller and not as spacious.

Cheap Pine Computer Desks with Hutch

Cheap pine desks are a little smaller, but still provide enough room to work on. One of the cheapest ones is the Sugar Creek computer desk with hutch. A very beautiful spice pine finish is featured. Two really small shelves are featured on the hutch. A pullout keyboard tray, along with one cabinet door on the side is included. Prices only go for little over $100 dollars online at places like amazon, underbid, and honeydo hardware.

Sugar Creek Computer Armoire
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(price as of May 27, 2015)

The Home Styles Montana student desk and hutch is the perfect kind of pine desk that kids can work on while at home. It's cheap and saves a lot of space. Two small drawers are featured on the hutch, with an open shelf in the middle, along with an open shelf on the bottom of the hutch. Two drawers are featured on the front of the table. It only requires 42 inches of space. Very easy to set up yourself and its not heavy at all. The only disadvantages is that there's not that much drawer space. This could be used for students that just need a decent computer desk to work on, or it can be used as the family desk for everyone. Prices are in the $200 dollar range online at amazon.

Pine Corner Desks

The South Shore prairie country pine corner desk is cheap, spacious, and one beautiful looking pine desk that is featuring a hutch. It's a pretty big pine corner computer desk of 63 inches. You don't have to worry about keeping things scattered, since there are two open shelves on the bottom, and three small shelves featured on the hutch. It also comes an 18 CD rack to store your music. A pull out keyboard is also featured. A 21 inch monitor will fit on this pine corner computer table. Prices are in $200 dollar range, which is pretty cheap. You can purchase online at stacks and stacks website.