Pine dining room furniture comes in styles and finishes to delight all who lay eyes upon it. Hutches, buffets, tables and chairs are all available. Pine is an adaptable wood that due to its porous nature can take on a variety of stains to create beautiful custom hues. Often created using a mix of paints and natural finishes, pine dining room furniture offers a variety of styles to complement many decors.

Character Options for Pine Dining Room Furniture

Pine Dining Room FurnitureThe character options for treating pine dining room furniture are numerous. One very popular look is the "distressed" style. Depending on whether the furniture is made in a factory or by a local craftsman the basic process involves battering the wood with a mix of materials such as hammers and chains. This process causes abrasions and gouging in the otherwise smooth finish of the wood. It may be taken further and blackened in spots to resemble charring.

A rough look created is another popular look, particularly in Southwest style furniture. Generally the wood is roughly carved with animals, faces or native designs. For this look the detailing is not usually as exact as with what is considered fine furniture.

Very familiar styles of pine dining room furniture involve placing an naturally finished, but unpainted tabletop or countertop in the instance of a buffet or china cabinet on top of a painted base. This creates a very popular farmhouse style look. A good representation of this furniture may be found at

Reclaiming antique wood that has been used in barns and old buildings when they are dismantled preserves history. Americana style furnish is often produced from this reclaimed barn wood. An excellent source when shopping online for pine dining room furniture created from barn wood is

Finishes for Pine Dining Room Furniture

There are a variety of finishes that might be used for pine dining room furniture. Stains may be used under the finishes to create patters and designs or to simply color the wood. The finish that offers the most durability for table tops is polyurethane. This is a plastic style coating that resembles varnish, yet is easy care and will stand up to sweaty glasses. Washing with a wet dishcloth and dish soap is all it requires. It can also be polished, but does not require coasters to protect the wood.

Varnish is the finish that was used on most wood furniture in the past. If purchasing an older piece of pine furniture it may well have a varnish finish. Depending on the value of the piece and whether it would be destroyed by refinishing it may be a good idea to at least refinish the dining room table top with polyurethane. Often the remaining part of the furniture is fine and will require nothing more.

Bees wax and tung oil are two finishes that are basically rubbed into the furniture. These may be found on antique pine dining room furniture. The owner would generally preserve these finishes and use coasters to protect the furniture from water and oils.

Paint may be used on part or all of the furniture. Depending on the furniture style and the look the paint is creating it may be used to create a pickled look or used in a way to resemble more expensive finely crafted pieces. Beetle kill pine furniture is created from pine trees that have been naturally killed by a type of beetle, producing a very distinct bluish tint and bore hole. It can be absolutely stunning when used in a Southwest of rustic type design.

Styles used in Pine Dining Room Furniture

Various styles of furniture are represented; Shaker styling which includes the woven seats is a very popular style in pine dining room furniture. The farmhouse look is another very popular look. Many people prefer the rustic appeal of pine which is conveyed in a variety of styles and finishes. Various examples of the rustic look can be found at

A particular caveat when purchasing wood furniture is the quality of the wood and how it has been processed. Kiln drying or the use of well aged wood will help prevent warping and cracking. This won't be a concern when purchasing antique pieces or pieces from well known producers including reclaimed wood. Be sure to find out the exchange, guarantee or replacement policy in the event this occurs after purchase.

Shopping online for various styles and pricing of pine dining room furniture will indicate a wide price range. Prices beginning under 100 dollars and then ranging up into the thousands are very common in pine furniture. Individual chairs may be purchased to complement or match furniture which is already owned. Places such as ebay and amazon provide excellent sources for comparing prices on a vast array of pine dining room furniture.