Pine furniture is a great favorite with many people for every room in the house. Apart from its attractive appearance, it is popular for its fresh smell which is reminiscent of happy days out in the woods or the countryside. However, as well as its many benefits, there are a few drawbacks to its use, as well as a few caveats to look out for.

Wonders of Pine

Pine furniture is a delightful choice for people who like real character in their surroundings, or who want a rustic appearance for their homes. If properly manufactured and designed, it can greatly enhance the beauty of any room. It is particularly in demand by people who own period homes or homes in the countryside. However it can be equally well produced in a contemporary style to suit modern homes. For example, glass or metal handles could be added for a modernized appearance. In fact its versatility is one of its greatest advantages. It is also wonderful for making the most of the light in a room.

Pine Furniture

This wood is a soft wood and so can be easily crafted by hand, which adds more character.  It can be used in absolutely any room in the house. People especially love pine kitchens, especially kitchen dressers, which give a real country kitchen look. On a similar note, the addition of a black and chrome table can blend in well to give the kitchen a contemporary look. Often a favorite room for these furnishings is the bedroom. Pine beds are very popular and have traditionally been four-poster beds with elaborate drapes, but they can be obtained in all sorts of sizes and styles.

Some Drawbacks of Pine

There are a few drawbacks to using this choice of wood to furnish your home. One is that being a soft wood it can be easily damaged, so it is necessary to take measures to protect it, in order to prevent it from looking scruffy. The most usual method is by applying several coats of varnish. It should be pointed out that many people actually regard scratches as enhancing the appearance of the furnishings, by accentuating the rustic look. Even with the varnish treatment, the wood is susceptible to moisture damage, and can be affected by exposure to both cold and heat. It is necessary to prevent it from becoming damp, and to take measures to avoid extremes of temperature over long periods of time.

Made by Machine or Hand?

Furnishings made from pine wood can be either machine crafted or handcrafted. Before purchasing, it is advisable to examine each piece to see how it is put together. Handcrafted items usually offer more stability as well as adding more character. It is also necessary to be aware that this type of wood is extra susceptible to insects, so it should be regularly monitored. Care should be taken to avoid keeping the furniture near any source of direct heat, such as ovens or heating vents, as the glued joints could be loosened if they dry out too quickly.

Lifetime Class And Elegance

Pine furniture can indeed add class and elegance to any type of home. Different colors of pine, such as light or dark, can be complemented by choosing appropriate shades of fabrics and décor, and can be combined into perfect furnishings that will last a lifetime.