If you resolve in your mind to lose weight consider the pros and cons of eating pineapple as a diet food. The pineapple diet as is popularly known is labeled as a fad diet since the specific way in which pineapple can help a person shed the pounds isn't backed by scientific evidence. The best consensus is that if pineapple is used in a diet then it should be incorporated into a balanced diet without becoming the main staple or even the primary source of fruit. Also if considering pineapple as a diet food be sure that it is fresh and not canned.

It isn't exactly clear who introduced the idea of the pineapple diet and currently there aren't any studies published to verify weight loss claims. Most diet plans will agree, however that fresh fruit of any kind can aid in weight loss. The fiber in fresh fruit can help you feel fuller for longer and the natural sugars can help curb a craving for junk food and give you a natural nutrient boost.

Most of the health benefits of pineapple com from fresh pineapple, as the canning process can destroy or reduce the effective vitamin and mineral content. Canned pineapple is loaded with excess sugar and calories from the juice its packed in and is lower in fiber and potassium than fresh pineapple. For the sake of convenience many people might settle on the canned variety as it takes time to chop off a pineapple's tough skin and core it. In addition pineapple will spoil in a couple of days once it's been chopped up.

Other benefits to pineapple include the key micronutrient manganese. This micronutrient works with other enzymes in the body to aid in metabolizing fat, carbohydrates, and proteins. Fresh pineapple also contains magnesium which can aid digestion and bromelain which can aid in healing and reduce muscle pain. Beyond the known health benefits of fresh pineapple it isn't known how a strict pineapple diet can act as a successful vehicle for sustained weight loss. On the other hand for the nutrient panel and high vitamin C content in fresh pineapple a good argument can be made for utilizing pineapple as a diet food without making pineapple the primary staple of the diet.