Changing Times

Electronics and gadgets can sometimes be associated with guys moreso than woman. We're the ones into the huge flat screens, game consoles, and electronic tools that we can fix stuff with (how many woman are employed at your nearest Geek Squad local?). We love exhausting the capabilities of the latest device on the market. But, according to some researchers, that may be changing. Electronics have expanded in what they can offer, and so has the market. Housekeeping products and groceries need to take the passengers seat because Blackberry's, iPads and Kindles are what more and more women are getting into. And with all these devices, women are going to want accessories; pink being the numbe one color of choice. Whether it be to support a cause like breast cancer or just something that reflects their personality, this color is inseparable from the feminine nature. Granted, not all women are pink-a-holics, but enough are for me to write an article about it.

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If you're gift-shopping for a female seeming to have all the latest electronics, accessories with vivid and stylish designs would be an obvious gift choice. Whether she has the Nook or the Kindle, there are plenty of unique feminine accessories for both devices. Totes, frames, backs and covers provide a practical use while also allowing her to stay chic. And why stop there? Just slapping the label "pink" on something doesn't really make it standout. Why not try the flamingo colored frame for the Nook Color? Or a "Her Abstraction" themed skin for the Kindle? If you're not into the default color of your preferred ereader, you can always find a theme that'll fit your tastes.


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And lets not forget about the phone. A woman's best friend. This handy little device has certainly evolved over the years. No more are you confined to the house like in the golden age. Just follow the timeline. The rotary dial evolved into touch tone, that lead to the invention of the cell phone, which is now being replaced by the higher IQ smartphone. Who knew the patent Alexander Graham Bell was filing for the telephone would one day sport a hot pink silicone case with zebra printed design? Or have one studded with shimmering rhinestones. Whether you have the iPhone or a Blackberry, there are plenty of unique designs that express femininity ranging from flashy to subtle. There are even pink applications like Pink Book on the iPhone offering ways to store contact info with a more womanly design.

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Portable Media Players

Portable DVD or Blu-ray players have pink cases as well. You can also find pink portable DVD players if you want the unified look and need things to match. Kroo is a popular company that offers cases for many different electronic devices. They have cases for laptops, GPS devices and digital cameras. They have a case for the Audiovox D1788 7-inch portable DVD player with a determination charm in support for those dealing with breast cancer.

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The Color Pink

In the early morning when the sun rises, or when it sets, you see pink displayed beautifully in the clouds. And pink carnations are favored when decorating for a wedding or a Valentines day event. This color is soft, sweet and is most assuredly synonymous with love. If you're a guy, you're probably gagging right about now, but don't worry. Buying a pink accessory for the woman in your life will only take a few moments. You may cringe when you're carrying the item through the store, and you may feel a little uneasy setting it down on the conveyor as the cashier looks at you strange (alternatively you can buy online), but once you see the look of appreciation on her face, it'll all be worth it.

flower image from William Wilhelms/stock.xchng