Affordable Acoustic Guitars for Beginners Come in Lots of Colors-Including Pink!

Pink acoustic guitars for girls can help make their musical dreams come true. Does your daughter or granddaughter aspire to be The Disney Channel's Next Big Thing? Does she watch China Ann McClain on A.N.T. Farm and want to play guitar like she does?

Whether we like it or not, television stars who are the same age or a bit older thaniur children can have a big influence on them, both positive and negative. If she starts asking to take guitar lessons so she can play like her favorite TV star, that is a good thing.  You should consider taking advantage of her newfound interest.

But, as we parents know, sometimes your child's attention span is short-lived, especially when the challenge is learning to play a musical instrument. It takes time and practice to play like your favorite celebrity, and some children simply do not have the patience to sit and practice so they can improve.  Others become disappointed because they cannot play an entire rock or pop song after a few lessons.

What's a parent to do?

You can consider investing in a cheap and affordable pink acoustic guitar and some lessons is something you can try without breaking the bank.

Music Lessons: Benefits for Kids

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Music lessons benefit children in a variety of ways. In an article on WebMD[5341], music lessons in young children helped them in the area of memory, both musically and non-musically.

This makes sense.

How many of us cannot remember why we walked into a room, but we can remember song lyrics from thirty years ago? Music and memory go hand in hand.

In another 2012 dated article from the Children's Music Workshop[5342] twelve different benefits for children who take music lesson are listed. Everything from working together as a team (band and orchestra) to better performance on standardized tests are listed. There is really no downside to a child taking guitar lessons, or any other kind of instrumental lesson.

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As parents, we oftentimes get excited when our children express an interest in something new that we find worthwhile. I have a friend who had custom golf clubs made for his daughter when she wanted to play golf like Daddy, only to have her interest wane after a few lessons. Another friend's daughter wanted to play softball, so she invested in the best and most expensive sports bag and equipment on the market, only to have her daughter quit after the first season.

Yes, our garages and empty wallets are paved with the latest thing our children want to try.

Before you invest money in the best acoustic guitar for your budding little musician, buy a cheap child sized acoustic guitar for girls instead and see if she will stick with it.

The gift of music is something that will stay with your daughter forever. For a small initial investment, a cheap pink acoustic guitar   may reap your daughter benefits that will last a lifetime.