Blue is for boys, and pink curtains are for girls said a designer probably a hundred years ago. The origin is still probably unknown, but that mantra has been embedded into the thinking of just about everyone on earth. The assignment of pink for girls has served itself well, especially in the consumer market, which is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales each year. Not every little lady's room is adorned in solid pink, but if they could, they would without giving it a second thought. The good news is that you can decorate a complete bedroom rather inexpensively in that ever so popular faded red color.

Pink Curtains

Pink gingham curtains are one of the most popular ready made curtains on the home improvement retail market today. They are reasonably priced in the discount arena and on average cost about forty dollars per bedroom window set. These pink and white striped window treatments, have been popular for over a hundred years, but have become a basic standard for bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen drapery in the last fifty years in the United States. The woven fabric made of combed yarn dates back to the seventeenth century, and its name is supposedly from Dutch origin.

Originally gingham was made in a single striped form but eventually adopted the checkered pattern that you see so readily available today, not only in the form of pink curtains, but shirts, table clothes, wallpaper, and kitchen cup towels as well. The light or airy country pattern is very pleasing to most consumers, and bodes well in any household. Your little girl will be overcome with joy when she see that you have installed this type and color of curtains in her bedroom. Matching accessories, like a pink rug, and pink bedding will tie the room together for the princess look and feel that all girls live to be ensconced in while sleeping.

The easiest method of getting these pink checked curtains installed in her room is via eyelet curtains, as they only require a curtain rod that accentuates, the drapery and the bedroom's curtain décor, along with some matching curtain rings. This window treatment will less than thirty minutes to install, and will bring enjoyment to your daughter for a few years to come. For the pre-teen princess you may want to consider a color combination of pink and brown curtains, or even pink and light blue as these are in high demand for the younger generation now.