Changing a young girl's room to a frilly pink theme requires a little forethought before executing the makeover. She wants that princess look, but at the same, you want it to be balanced and not tawdry. When you start to put together your window treatments using pink curtains, also make sure you lightly accent them with the color red. This will not only help blend everything together in a more stylish manner, but will add some character to her room. Red and pink curtains area available at many stores in your area, but you want to keep the window coverings simple.

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Pink Eyelet Curtains

If you are short on time and need to do her mini renovation in one day then use eyelet curtains, as they are the quickest and easiest to install. Simply choose your curtain style and what shade of pink you would like. Pick out a complimenting curtain rod, and curtain rings, and within twenty minutes of getting back home, you can have your window treatment installed. Before you buy just the one set of pink curtains, find some red sheer curtains to place in front of the pink panels, then attach the rings to the grommets. This will give you a very custom looking and uniquely styled accent that will have your little girl's friends wanting the same for their bedrooms.

Pink Gingham Curtains

This pattern has literally been around for centuries, and never fails to be popular year in and year out. It gives off a slightly country theme that still looks tasteful. A white curtain rod and your pink drapery will create a light and open atmosphere in the room. Using satin red tiebacks will further give the treatment depth. Also, consider a red swag valance in the same material to balance the pink out, and make it more inviting and eye poping. As long as their are little girls wanting to pretend they are a princess, pink curtains will always in style.