Occasionally we hear about a celebrity who receives a pink diamond engagement ring. If you are a young lady in a serious relationship, you might be thinking, "Wow! That sounds gorgeous! If I throw out a few hints, maybe that is what I will get." And perhaps you might. That is if your guy is rich! Very rich! Pink diamonds are beautiful, rare, and very expensive. We are talking in the neighborhood of millions of dollars.

We are also talking a rich history of pink diamonds. Some very famous pink diamonds are owned in collections around the world. These collections consist of loose pink diamonds, pink diamond rings, and pink diamond engagement rings.

Most pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia. This mine provides about 90 percent of the worlds diamonds. Of that 90 percent only one tenth of one percent is classified as a pink diamond. Scientists don't know exactly what produces the pink color, though it is felt that certain minerals contribute to the coloring process. The color ranges from pasted pink to purple-red. The intensity of the color determines the price.

Famous Pink Diamonds

The largest pink diamond in the world is a part of the Iranian Crown Jewel Collection. It is named Darya-I-Nur and weighs between 175 and 195 carats. It is light pink in color.

The Steinmetz Pink Diamond is a vivid pink. Discovered in Africa, it weighs 59.6 carats.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

We sometimes hear of celebrities who receive a pink diamond engagement ring. Jennifer Lopez received one from Ben Affleck. It was 6.1 carats and was valued at $1.2 million. Unfortunately the relationship did not last and the pink diamond ring is reportedly back in ownership of the designer of the ring. Even though a diamond is considered a symbol of love and commitment, in this case a million dollar diamond wasn't enough. A famous football player, David Beckham, gave his wife a 10 carat pink diamond ring with matching earrings. They are still together, so in this case the pink diamond seems to have worked its magic. Mariah Carey also received a pink diamond engagement ring.

If you are ready to purchase an engagement ring, there are several pink diamond engagement rings on the market in the ten million dollar range. The Graff Vivid Pink Pear Shaped Diamond is priced at ten million dollars, as is the Harry Winston Fancy Intense Pink Diamond. Consider these rings an investment that will not only hold their value, but will most likely increase in value.